Gargos and Glacius design

Are they made from the same framework? Gargos seems a lot similar to Glacius design. Glacius has horn accessories similar to Gargos horns and they both have tusks on the sides of their mouths. Their torsos have a very similar shape too.

I’m not really sure where you’re coming from

Glacius is clearly a somewhat gelatinous ice alien while Gargos is a meat a bones demonic overlord.

Unless you’re trying to say that they’re similar in the way the characters were created maybe?


Not even close.

The only thing they share is ranged doubles and enders.

Yes I’m talking about the way they are created. Nothing about their story origins. Look at Glacius accessories, he has the same shaped horns. Their body frames look very similar and Gargos color 9 lines look similar to the lines on Glacius body.

Maybe, maybe not. I wouldn’t put it past any developer (of any kind of media, really) to “cheat” in some ways to speed up production, especially when under a lot of pressure/time or with a minimal budget - and we all suspect IG to be guilty of all 3.

With that said, Gargos has wings; Glacus does not. :wink:

Of course about the wings but look at their torso areas, they’re very similar in shape. Plus Glacius has accessories with very similar horns like Gargos. If Glacius had his arms a little shorter and crossed people would see what I see. Even their faces are similar. Glacius has “tusks” on the sides of his mouth just like Gargos.

I see what you’re talking about, but it’s only really their tall, somewhat slim builds/frames that are similair to me.

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Well, the devs have suggested that all characters use several frameworks for their character models. They were supposed to be something like: human male; human female; and large character (possibly with more). I’m fairly certain that Glacius and Gargos at the very least shared this particular design aspect (although I couldn’t necessarily tell you which 1).

As for all the stuff you mentioned, sure it could be entirely possible (especially for the reasons I listed above), but it could just be a complete coincidence, or possibly a pattern and/or influence in design ideas/similarities (for example, a chair will always have something to stand it up and support it, no matter how it looks). Of course, we may never know because I doubt they’d tell us, so I wouldn’t spend so much time fretting over it, if I were you.

But hey, if they do tell us, I think that would be pretty cool. I’m sure, at the very least, it would put your mind at ease. Of course, doing so could also bring the ire of the community down upon them with things like “why are you being so lazy!?” So, I don’t entirely blame them for not giving us full disclosure.

Bound to happen, when your mind-set for creating a new character is always This is why I’m no longer interested in a season 4.