Gargos Accesories

Just something fun to do. What do you think Gargos would have as accessories what should he have.
Feel free to post your examples.

The only accessory he needs is a pair of groucho marx glasses!
Thanks to @Filemoncio


I don’t have a proper example but I think this would be a cool accessory set

The example of this accessory set would
Head two smaller faces on each side

The torso would be a second face

The feet would be hooved.

That’s one example.


What is up with people trying to make Gargos look like a human? lol. still this is kinda funny

Awesome ideas bra!

Those are pretty creepy! Not sure how I feel about stomach-face though.
I would like to see Gargos sport some armor or robes, not exactly the most demonic option, but it shouts "I am a ShadowLord, I have authority"
Something similar to Oryx from Destiny(who also happens to have wings and shadow-y powers)

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That’s the idea.

something for Christmas

Let me guess, Krampus?

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I think the creepiness is the point : P

I don’t see how that will work out for him since I’m sure they would of had a rig for a number of those.

Since it looks like they’re not making eyedol, how about some accessories that make gargos look like eyedol? Some type of “helmet” that is in the shape of two heads, An “armor” that make his legs look like eyedols

I had a dream the other day in which the devs showed Gargos’ Accessories, and one of them happened to be visually similar/inspired by True Ogre from Tekken…


I’d love to see something Dark Souls inspired.


Ah yes Ogre back when I cared about Tekken he was my all time favorite and one of the only characters that was not some dude from some country in the world. Tekken’s a bit lazy in the character diversity department but reaurdless Ogre was pretty damn awesome. I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw something there like this for Gargos.

Until we get the absolute final character reveal I wouldn’t call on wheter Eyedol is in or not. But if he does some how not make it I can KINDA see rrhat work


My guess is that he isn’t in. Sure they haven’t said flat out that he’s not coming but all their responses about eyedol have been negative. I hope I’m wrong though. I REALLY want eyedol in this game lol

I would like a tiger set.

A tiger set seems appropriate/probable due to the whole tiger spirit thing lol


Hanuman’s Clothes

color 9 solid gold

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a Tiger Spirit set would be cool

For his RETRO i’d love to see a Tim Curry “Legend” accessory set, his character Darkness looked wicked af

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Yeah we do need to imply that tiger spirit trick he used. I also think the darkness accessories would be neat to.

I don’t see how this would NOT be a good idea. Cause I think it’d fit our demon lord pretty well.