Gargos 3.4

Mains how is he? I won’t be able to play for 2 days argh! It’s he better? Worse for you?

SL Gargos I want a recapture LOL! !!!

He didn’t get huge changes. He is more fair now though.

Yeah I agree he’s fair just wondering how he feels. I want to play him so bad lol.

If you don’t rely on these things,Gargos is the same.
-Use damage ender to summon minions for free.
-Jump around like an idiot.
-Use portal punches the whole match.

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My gameplan isn’t affected at all. Happy with the changes


Yeah he’s fine to me so far, no problems at all.

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Nope neither and LOL :joy: number 2.

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Doesn’t feel bad to me honestly. At least twice a match I try to get a little damage off of portal punches when I catch them mashing buttons full screen and now that is definitely a lot weaker but it doesn’t change up my fighting style at all. Anyone find anything new or weird due to the changes?

Also, no free minion after damage ender? If you guys are talking about command grab ender, I’m still able to get a minion afterwards.

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After playing a few games I just realized that I never used the damage ender and then the minion summon. I usually do portal punch or wall bounce ender into command grab and then summon which is why it’s probably still working for me. Either that or everyone I’m playing against is letting me summon minions lol so correct me if I’m wrong.

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Got to play him for a few minutes he feels good.