Gaming headset that will work with xbox one and ps4 while using fighstick?

I use a fighstick but need something to chat with friends on on xbox one i just turn on the controller plug it into the usb cord and plug in my 3.5 headphones.

but i need something for ps4 its either usb or wireless i really dont want to charge even more things so i didn’t want to go wireless

could i buy say a usb headset to use on ps4 then use a usb to 3.5 jack mm converter for xbox one ?

No one?

Went to amazon looked at the logitech g230 seen it had bought frequently with two adapters

Bought the g230 from best buy for 36 got the adapters

To work on ps4 use the 3.5 to usb adapter

To work on xbox use the 3.5 splitter turn on xb1 controller use 3.5 jack

Just need a headset with two 3.5 jacks and adapters great news fightstick owners