Gaming headphone reccomendations

Hey guys im looking to invest in a good quality pair of gaming headphones but not sure where to start. Just interested to see what other people here use or what people generally reccomend.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

I would love to know this too, I see a lot of headsets for the one on the market, but they don’t give me a lot of confidence

I also would like to buy one but don’t know what headphone is best quality to price for gaming. Any help is apreciated.

From what I hear, Triton and Astros are the best.

Especially Astros. :slight_smile:

oh I see cool thanks I will look them up.

You are right I never clicked that it was the Astro Headsets they always use at Evo.
It seems that THE Headset of Headsets to own if money is no object, is the Astro A50.