Games that should be copied... but aren't

I’ve been playing some helldivers - which I think I represents a very good evolution of the twin stick shoot em up. It has strategy, multiplayer cooperation that matters and a grind that allows for cosmetic micro transactions. I can’t figure out why MS (or others) haven’t aped the good ideas in here to make their own version of this. There’s a lot that could be done here.

The other game I was reminded of on PS3 was Dragon’s Crown. This is an evolution of all the Capcom D&D games (Tower of Doom and Chronicles of Mystara). To my mind it “unlocks” the key to taking this side scrolling beat em up style of game and making it relevant in an age of gaming that doesn’t involve quarters. By emphasizing multiple level paths, loot drops and gear collection plus a very cool mechanism for maintaining tension by increasing the rewards as you play more levels without a restart or continue. The art was beautiful but hampered by the stylistic choice to make a lot of gratuitous (and in my opinion immature) oversexed images of women. But the core of the game seems like it so easily be borrowed for a similar game.

So, what are your games that should be cloned?


Never heard of either one of these…Ill have to look em up. A far as cloned games…I cant really think of anything that hasnt already been cloned. Thats a really good question that isnt easy to answer. Ill have to think on it fro a while.

Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath. There are a couple of mechanics I’d like to see transferred over into more games.

Wanted: Dead or Alive: Stranger is a bounty hunter. You get paid for bringing I’m Outlaws. You can go the easy way and kill them or take them in alive for a buttload of extra moolah. I’m honestly surprised this isn’t used to better effect in more games. The game has a really great level layout to aid this. Every level is a self contained, open ended playground that let’s you pick how you want to engage. Games like Hitman and the first Assassin’s Creed game do a decent job of this, but there’s just something special about being a bounty hunter rather than a hired killer from an organization or a mercenary from a PMC. Kinda the mom and pop shop of paid death dealers. But then again I’m a sucker for games where your goal isn’t “I must find the truth about a thing” or "I must avenge my father but instead is just “Well I gotta make rent somehow.” Stranger’s initial motivation for his quest isn’t some noble goal of ridding the world of outlaws: it’s medical expenses.

Changing perspective changing gameplay: Sure, lots of gameslet you switch between 1st and 3rd person views, but when they do the gameplay remains virtually unchanged. But in Stranger’s Wrath changing perspectives completely changes your controls. You can go from a shooter to a brawler with the tap of a button. It’s a really cool thing I wish more games would explore.

“Live Ammo”: All the ammunition you use is not bullets or arrows, but small animals that you catch in the world. You then launch these critters at your enemies from your “double barrel wrist crossbow” (for lack of a better name) with different effects. For example, ChipPunks will taunt/lure enemies, Thud Slugs will knock most enemies out cold, and Fuzzles will rip them into little bits and can be laid as traps. Made for some fun dynamics.

Another game that I think could use more copying is Brütal Legend. Sure, driving around in a heavy metal fantasy world swinging it with greats like Ozzy and Lemmy is fun enough on its own, and I want to see more of that universe. But one of the coolest things they did was mix RTS (Real Time Strategy) with hack and slash gameplay. Warcraft 3 did a tiny bit of this with the hero system, but I’m Brütal Legend you aren’t just an armchair general hoping he gets enough vespine gas to supply his army. You’re a battlefield commander. So when ■■■■ hits the fan you can jump into the fray and use your ax to solve the problem rather than laying there helpless. I think more games could stand to mix things up like that.

On the subject of Strategy, Star Wars Battlefront 2 (the PS2/Xbox one, not the PS4/Xbone one. Games really are the industry with the shortest memory in the world) had the coolest damn game mode ever: Galactic Conquest. It could be played solo, co-op, or versus, and it was great fun.
Essentially, it’s a turn based strategy game like Risk or Civilization, but rather than battles being decided by dice rolls they’re decided through a Conquest match where you and your friendmies fight to the death in real time. You get to use passive buffs or tokens to help bolster your forces, build extra fleets, and choose to blockade a planet from space as well as the ground for extra defence.

The only games I’ve seen come close to this are Total War (and even then that’s just turn based into RTS) and Shadow Lords mode in Killer Instinct. I’d love to see more modes like this, where you can boost yourself with equippables but the battle is still a test of reflexive skill.

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Legend of Dragoon. The game needs a full remake.

Yes, a Dragon’s Crown clone would be awesome. one of my favorite games on PS3. It is getting a PS4 release at least. W/ cross-play w/ PS3!

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Really? I didn’t know that release was planned. I will have to look into it. I’m talking myself into buying a PS4 for the least glamorous exclusives available… (Edit: launches the same week as Monster Hunter World. That’s a mistake.)

@Fwufikins you had me until “Live ammo.” That was my WTF moment, lol.

Another game I miss that we could see more of is Crazy Taxi. It was quick, simple but challenging and you could play it in a few minutes or for hours and hours. The sequels got too complicated but the idea of passenger delivery seems like it could be done in a fun way. I’d love to see a mode like this incorporated into Forza Horizon.

Admittedly looking back on it that feature really only works well because of the setting. Oddworld is a pretty quirky place
Though I still stand that having a similar feature based around more traditional weapons would be fun. Having a big variety of ways to kill/incapacitate your opponents would be sweet

Honestly, I really REALLY loved Stranger’s Wrath. I liked his PreSteef look more than his Steef look, but he was such an amazing character and you are right the fact that you got bonus moolah for bring in enemies alive was very cool as well.

Outside of Morrowind, it was my favorite original Xbox title.

Also the twist at the end with the old steef is totally awesome!

Gears Of War…

Whenever I play a TPS with some crappy cover system I always wonder. “Have these guys never heard of Gears Of War ?” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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