Gamertag krathius is cheating in ranked, he needs to be banned.he is spoiling it for everybody

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While I can understand your position, this is not the proper channel to vent. You should report him privately through Xbox Live, not publicly on these forums. Doing the latter only opens you up to being reported yourself for violating forum guidelines, so don’t put yourself through that hassle. :wink:


ok, its just so annoying!!!

As Geek said, naming and shaming doesn’t work. If you feel that a person is cheating, report them via Xbox Live, record the vid, and PM a dev. They will investigate.


Can you post specific ways he cheated? Lagswitching? Teleporting? Some kind of speedhack?

tbh I never seen cheats in fighting games that tampered with game files, lag switchers at most.

Yeah, what Verm said.

For all we know, he’s just annoying people with the way he plays and you’re so mad you think it’s cheating.

Also, in the future, don’t bash people on the forums.


Yeah, like where is the video proof? That kind of proof takes less button presses than your average combo. You started this thread hours ago and vanished. You gonna put someone’s gamertag out there like that, especially someone on the leaderboard, you need more evidence. This is whack.

I don’t usually like to jump to conclusions, but the fact that I have never fought this guy because the dozen or so times I’ve matched up with him resulted in a disconnect is pretty fishy. But the one time I almost did manage to fight him the lag was horrendous before the disconnect so maybe it is just his bad internet. This also isn’t the first time he’s been accused of cheating. I recall another thread popped up months ago over him disconnecting.


Bro I play this dude multiple times and I hardly come across lag problems. However I’ve heard complaints like this before.

When I played him he likes waiting to death, and when he isn’t winning he can lagswitch or disconnect. It’s not different from other guys I played. These kind of players just bore me so much that I just don’t care about ranked. I don’t even care if I win or lose anymore, not taking anything from that fight. I see some gamertags and I get bored before starting the match (hasn’t happen with anyone from this forums actually or any top player I fought, however my connection can limit the people I face online).
The illusion of ranked having the best players in my case is just that, an illusion.

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when i say he is cheating. i mean he is disconnecting and getting points. which is horrible. while other people grinding to get good . he just cheats.

Back when I was on wireless, I would get auto-dropped from something like 1 outta 5 matches and got lots of wins as a result. So, call me skeptical. This game is not friendly to lower-ender connections.


@GalacticGeek it doesn’t happen to me =( I hardly get free wins and when it gets disconnected for whatever reason I’m penalized most of the times. Which it doesn’t happen often so I’m ok, I don’t care for so little points but I do care if the match was a good one.

@llhonestyll I talked to a friend of mine you probably know (another TJ player) and he told me that guy disconnected 3 times in a row recently whenever he faced him. The best thing we can do is report him. I think he is doing this on porpouse since we have fought before with little to no lag at all nor disconnects.

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ok thanks for the info. it needs to be a community thing so ig/microsoft can notice and take the necessary action immediately. its people like this that make alot of the best ki players stay away from ranked. its so horrible


I don’t doubt your claims, as he has had numerous complaints against him, and I’ve even had some of the same results when playing him, but naming and shaming is not the way to do this. As I mentioned earlier, you need to A. report them via Xbox Live. B. Record the offending behavior and PM one of the devs. They will research it. They always have for me.

Yeap, I’m afraid giving GTs away will make this thread closed/erased =P

this thread is not to insult anybody, i dont have time for that. i am just bring to light a notorious cheater that is ruining the rank experience for so many people. the fact that alot of people have commented about having the same experience proves my point in my humble opinion.

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How does he cheat?

I don’t know that you can quit your way to the top via a lag out realistically. I have a pretty poor connection that is on wifi, not much choice with that at the moment, but suffice to say, I’m dropped every now and then. I also seem to end up inadvertently getting wins from those disconnects. However, after a while, a warning pops up telling you that you are on probation for winning too much through disconnects, and it stops you from gaining points from disconnects until your connection behavior and match records show improvement. Anyone who played me on the forum battles long ago can tell you my connections is not that good. I’ve even encountered @CStyles45 online once or twice and had a pregame disconnect due to my bad connection, causing a loss on him (because I’ll be points richer, and I end up being the jerk), and I feel really embarrassed every time it happens, cause I do want to face him sometime on equal ground for a good fight.

I do know we also used to post cheaters tags on the old forums, but when the game first launched, there literally was no feedback system in place yet to report cheaters like there is now. I don’t know who thought launching a console with online capabilities without this feature was a good idea, but that’s on MS, not Double Helix or Iron Galaxy. Anyone, for lack of better option, this was our only means of reporting ragequitting and cheating online, but it sort of got way out of hand after a while, and was mostly ineffective anyway.

So take it from experience, check for the official avenues first. Reporting it here doesn’t really lend to anything constructive. The only action IG can do is take on feedback from the player base and try to round off the rough edges of the characters and the system. Looking at and banning cheaters is more a Microsoft responsibility.

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