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Hi guys,

I know that had a topic for this on the old forum but I don’t think I have create another one for this forum yet so here it is!

Since I really love the game and its community, I want to share it with as much people as possible to keep the game alive as long as possible!!

Even if I’m not good at the game at all, don’t be shy to check my games on Youtube or my live streams of online ranked matches on Twitch.

See you online!

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Hey guys,

I’ll be playing KI Season 2 for the last time tonight and I’m gonna do the 3 last remaining stories which I haven’t covered yet and they are Combo, Maya and Aria.

If I have some free time after that, I’m gonna play a bit online before the release of S3 and if I’m lucky, I’ll play a bit of season 3 before I go to sleep!!

I’ll be streaming all that of course and I’ll be playing around 8:00 pm so don’t hesitate to watch the stream and say Hi!

Hey guys,

Back again for another stream and this one is pretty important! Not only its the release of Season 3 but I’m playing to raise funds for Extra-Life, which aims at helping the sick children and the ones in need. This is a really noble cause and even if you’re not giving money, just share the word and/or assist the event live at my twitch channel because every single penny gain from tonight stream is gonna go for the cause!!!

I’ll be starting around 7:00 - 7:30 pm.
Extra-Life KI S3 event