Gameplay " feels " better

Is it just me, or does the gameplay feel wayyy better ? It feels so much tighter and smoother. It’s hard to say exactly what it is , but it feels like they improved the way the game plays immensely.


can’t wait to see for myself

The did say they altered the way manuals work/feel. Is that what you are referring to?

I’ll find out when I get home and play tomorrow. Hopefully it’s true. Also brought a new controller.

Well here’s the weird thing . I haven’t even technically purchasesd season 3 yet . I’ll be getting the ultra edition later this week . But it’s weird because like basically everything from season 3 is there including the 3 new stages …just can’t play as the 4 new characters . U can choose to fight against them even lol. Just not play as them. So is the ultra edition and season 3 technically just the characters and new modes ?
Anyways though , I’m confident you’ll notice a difference in gameplay immediately . It’s awesome .

I hope that they will do an update that will give you the choice of turning off the level 4 combo scene. I think that is going to mess up people. I know it does me. Switching screens like that would be like turning the tv off every time you do a great combo.

No it’s not the manuals I’m referring to . It’s hard for me to describe but it was instantly noticeable to me my very first match . Everything feels more polished I guess I’d say . Like they went through and just completely tightened the gameplay from the bottom up. It’s really smooth and feels much better to me . I’m not sure if it’s my imagination or something like that , but I’m basically 95% sure that there is a noticeable difference.

There is an update coming in 3.1 that has a toggle for the level 4 Enders . Just did a few though and while I don’t much care for the way they look . They didn’t mess me up at all timing wise or anything like I figured they would. Also they look way better in person … Still will be turning them off though.

It does seem to play better. Does the combo thing mess up your momentum also?

Thanks for telling me about the update

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The level 4 thing ? And no problem !

Yeah, that is the way it works. You get all the upgrades and modes for free, but the new characters you have to pay for. I am surprised that you get to play with the stages though, as those were locked to characters in S1 and 2.

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Yeah the stages were always locked. I was really surprised to be able to play on them

It’s not you. I really does feel tighter in a weird way. It feels mostly the same but better.

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For me the Level 4 enders are really ruining that feel. I feel the gameplay smoother, but those enders mess up my juggles, even the easiest, and feels really out of place. The big complain though is the juggle messes up. I know the frame are the same, but watching that animation throws me very off