GamePad greyed out / undetected

Hey guys.

So I recently reinstalled Windows 10 and fully upgraded it, so it’s up to date. I also reinstalled KI.

Now, KI itself works. However, I’m stuck at using the Keyboard in the menus, since for some reason my GamePad is not detected. In fact, the Gamepad icon itself on the upper left corner of the screen is greyed out (next to a green Keyboard icon).

Now, as far as I can remember, I never actually had to install any Gamepad drivers when I played the game originally (during my previous Windows 10 installation). Honestly (although I might be wrong) I do believe (with 90% certainty) that the only thing I ever did when I first played the game was to merely launch it and my Gamepad was automatically detected.

But, now, that’s not the case anymore. I mean the menus do work, but I can only use my Keyboard.

I’m using the MadCatz SFV Fightpad, this one:

Here’s what I’ve tried, but failed:

1) Installed the Microsoft XBOX 360 Accessories Drivers, restarted the PC, launched the game and then Nothing.
2) Installed the MadCatz drivers, restarted the PC, launched the game and then Nothing.
3) Installed an older set of 360 Gamepad drivers called “XBCD” which I originally used to make my bulky original XBOX controller work Under Windows 7 years ago… still Nothing.
4) Tried the XInput program, still Nothing.

I swear that I’ve never had these issues during my prior installation of Windows 10. In fact I remember that I considered myself Lucky to not have to deal with drivers installation to make my Pad work because I kept reading other posts around about how hard it was for others to end up playing the game with a compatible Pad when I myself never had that problem.

Note: The GamePad is not disabled in Device Manager and is reporting as being functional.

I don’t know what to do, does anyone have any suggestions?