Game won't launch on Windows 10 after 3.4 update

Since installing the latest update, the game briefly shows the initial title screen before immediately exiting out. Uninstallling and reinstalling the game hasn’t made any difference. Anyone have a similar problem? Anyone with a solution?

probably not, doesn’t seem much support for the pc side of things. So another update another full game download. Looks like its now over 30Gb. So why not able to just patch with update?

As far as I can tell no one else is having this problem. I’m at a loss for what to do though.

well at least you can download it, I usually get 0x80073CF9 after 25Gb. “luckily” since this update of 30Gb, it fails at 1Gb downloaded. I may be on unlimited but there’s still fair usage. There is only so many times I can try to download 30Gb ffs

I’m sure xbox is fine, that’ll get fixed pretty sharpish but I haven’t heard anything from the pc side