Game runs worse on my 670 than on my 460?! Edit : Fixed!

I’ve installed this game on two of my machines, it runs OK at 720 with everything low on the 460 machine but on the machine with a 4.6ghz i5 and an overclocked 2GB 670 it runs in slow motion no matter what resolution or graphics settings I use. Is this game just broken? I’ve tried messing about with v-sync, refresh rates etc. but no settings make any difference. I’m leaning towards just asking for a refund on this mess of a release.

Runs fine on Xbox one :slight_smile:

Maybe ask @CrazyLCD he seems to know a lot about the PC version. There is also a PC thread you can possibly find answers there and post your issues there. I know you are frustrated…But saying the game is a joke on the Official forums isnt goign to get you very far or much help IMO.

Good luck

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Yeah that was probably a bit harsh! I do love the game which is why it’s so frustrating. This was the only game I upgraded to Windows 10 for, along with Quantum Break (which doesn’t even start). It’s not exactly a good start to Microsoft’s push to unify gaming on Xbox and Windows!

The number of combinations of computer parts and associated drivers is beyond staggering, and there’s no way ANY PC game will ever work perfectly with every configuration, I think it’s incredibly unfair to call the port a “joke”.

Console games generally have less varied issues due to the inherent uniformity of console hardware. Some users are experiencing problems, like yourself, but others have reported that they are having no issues whatsoever - as you yourself said, it’s running on one computer and giving you problems on the other. I would hazard a guess that something in the hardware/firmware/installed software on your second machine is causing you to experience issues.

Make sure all drivers are up to date on both of your computers, no additional programs or scans are running in the background, etc. I would also recommend checking the refresh rate of your monitor; users with a refresh rate of over 60Hz were reporting the game was running at light speed and unplayable, but setting the monitor to manually use 60Hz fixed that for them, I believe. Maybe the “slow motion” you’re seeing is related to your monitor’s refresh rate being lower than 60?

My friend here at work is Down Loading KI tonight and Im a bit worried. He is a big SF fan and player and rambles on and on about SF. He has never played the new KI and of course thinks he will be able to beat me right off the bat…SMH… I dont think so! But anyways…

He is all into PC gaming and Im worried its going to have issues and he is going to blame it on KI instead of MS. We have to remember its not KI’s fault that the PC version has issues…its the MS system. Ive already warned him about the Monitor frame rate or whatever needing to be at 60.

He had issues with MKX on PC as well and he stopped playing it. I hope KI works for him because Im going to kick the crap out of him LOL…this isnt SF buddy!

I’ve taken the “joke” part out of the topic title as you’re right it’s not really fair on the devs and was written in pure frustration. Yeah tried changing refresh rates etc. Even tried setting it lower than 60hz just to see if it was definitely locking to the monitor rate and that made it run slower as expected. It’s almost certainly being caused by the game being locked to the refresh rate but it’s as if somewhere it’s thinking my monitor is running at 30hz, I’ve checked everywhere in Windows and on the monitors menu as well and it’s definitely set to 60hz. Not being able to use MSI Afterburner or FRAPS to see the framerate due to Microsoft locking everything down makes it very difficult to work out what’s going on. I’ve killed all other processes except the game too and still it failes the benchmark no matter what I try :frowning:

I play SF as well and I doubt he’s gonna be able to beat you! Like you say KI plays very differently and SF skills don’t really transfer as easily. MKX is much closer in the way the combos string together so depending on how good he is at that he might be able to pick KI up a lot faster. I wish they could have released the game outside of Microsoft’s store, I suspect I wouldn’t be having any trouble if everything wasn’t so locked down, I can’t even get Quantum Break to start never mind worry about framerate :slight_smile:

So why do a lot of players prefer the PC games and such…yet they have some much trouble and frustration out of them? Is it really worth it just a tiny bit of better resolution?
I know for me, I dont have a lot of time…so I need it to be ready to start up and go very quick and always work. I love for graphics to be as top notch as possible…but it just doesnt seem like its worth the trouble to me.
My PC sucks… I bet if I installed W10 and KI it would probably catch fire or blue screen to its death lol

I definitely feel for those who are having issues running the game on their PCs. Sometimes their posts can be unreasonable though, particularly because not every PC player knows much about computers in general.

I just wanted to give a couple suggestions as to what might be causing your issue, and also to make sure the thread wasn’t moving in the wrong direction. Sorry, but I don’t have any experience with KI on PC or Windows 10 myself, so I don’t really have any other ideas to offer. :disappointed:

Not just for better resolution etc., I was nearly going to buy an Xbox for this game but when it was announced for PC I decided against it as there was nothing else on Xbox I wanted to play (except Quantum Break but it’s not working for me either!). I’ve not had much trouble with many of my games on the PC, certainly nothing like what’s happening with these games on the Windows 10 store. I can understand why people wouldn’t want to be bothered with the tinkering that you can do with PC gaming but you don’t have to do it, the Nvidia app will set the graphics settings for you depending on your machine’s specs so you can just play rather than spend ages poking about menu screens and settings.

Edit: I do appreciate the suggestions even though my initial post was a bit angry so thanks for trying to help :slight_smile:

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Don’t take one guys complains as a sample of the majority. Most of us PC gamers have no issues, so we have no reason to complain.

I’m not, but from the “majority” of people I personally know in person and on the forums… almost every one of them has had trouble. Even if I only know 10 people that have issues… that’s 10-0 - PC/Xbox.
So that alone steers me away from PC and worries me that my friend will have issues tonight even though he knows a good bit about computers and built his own gaming and audio recording PCs.

That’s great you dont have issues, maybe you can help them figure it out

I wasn’t suggesting my problems were in any way representative of the majority. I don’t think it’s wrong to complain when you aren’t able to play a game you’ve paid for in anything other than slow motion when everything I’ve bought on Steam works fine. Just Cause 3 worked fine for me but I wouldn’t deny it had serious problems from looking at the number of complaints about it.

I’d say it’s pretty unlikely he’ll have issues. I’ve just been unlucky with this one, 99% of my PC games I’ve had no trouble at all with.

I have Terrordrome on my crappy PC and I had to get a Controller program so my PS3 controller would work right…and it did for a few set ups…then a month later it wouldn’t work. the game wouldnt work… it would freeze… it was such a hassle to play this tiny free game that wasnt even a big deal.

Yes my computer is crap, but even if it ran great it was still a lot of work to play. I spent more time trying to set it up than i did playing the damn thing! Im going to get a new PC one day and Im going to play the crap out of Terrrordrome…one day…one day :slight_smile:

That’s the first I’ve heard about that game, I’ll have to give it a try as it looks quite funny. How they got away with all that character trademark infringement is beyond me!

HE can do it because its a free game. You download for free and you can send him a donation if you like. He is really cool and he will answer any questions you have on the Terrordrome Facebook page. He updates the game pretty regularly and added “trophies” recently which is like Brutality where they chop off their head and keep it as a trophy!
Is a really great game with all sort of special moves, meter burn moves, combos, and finishers. They all have there own stages, stoy lines, story mode… its really great! Too bad my ancient PC cant handle it. I was told a potato PC could handle it lol… but not mine!

Dude, my post was not even directed at you, neither I think it is wrong to complain when you have an issue, where did you get that from?. Tell me your full specs I’ll try to help, but now I am at work, will reply later.

Sorry I read it as being directed at me since I started the topic, I’m new to the layout of the forum and the way it shows who the reply is to on the right is different from most other forums I’ve seen where it will quote the post.

My specs are :

EVGA 2GB 670 FTW Edition (driver version 364.72)
i5-2500k @ 4.6ghz
16GB ram
Windwos 10 version 1511 build 10586.218

Only other thing I can think of trying is plugging in the monitor from the machine that is able to run the game, my thinking being that it’s maybe wrongly detecting the monitor information like supported refresh rates etc.

Edit : Something very weird is going on. I just used VNC to remote onto the PC and ran the benchmark through there. It’s now passing the benchmark when everything turned up full??!

Talk about spoke too soon…
Yesterday I wanted to play with my brother and I could not connect to the MP servers or join parties. Teredo looked fine. I was dealing with this until past 4:00 am. The thing is that I could easily join parties on another lesser computer (crappy laptop), so the program or XBOX live was not the issue. It was my computer. Then I noticed, for some reason the time was set exactly an hour back, and I checked the privacy options of my MS account as compared to my wife’s. After that everything connected well, at least I could create and join parties, but at that point I was to tired to play anything. Point is, yes, sometimes computers will not work all of a sudden, but with patience you can find the issue and enjoy a great experience, as gaming on PC it is very rewarding. Mind you, this had never happened before, so for me it is still very rare to have issues, and I have heard the XB1 is not completely free of errors.

Anyway, looking at your specs, your computer should have no issue with KI, I have a lesser card (R9 270x, 2 GB RAM) and KI is always smooth with a score of over 1200 all settings turned up, at 1080p. The only thing I would recommend is watch your memory usage. I know 16 GB is overkill (for now) but try to have as little apps as possible on startup. Anything that wants to “Load at startup” I turn off (Steam, Origin, Skype, Spotify, etc). You did not say what kind of HD you have, I have two SSD’s in RAID, so loading times is almost nothing.

Your drivers are up to date, but did you perform a clean install?. Being neurotic as I am, I always do. Might help with the issues.

Also watch for junkware running in the background (PC fixer, Pinger, Wayam, and all that crap), it makes some computers crawl.

Well, it looks like you got it working in the end. Did you change anything?, looks like not. My theory is that maybe the driver finished auto updating and it needed a reboot, but is just a guess.

Anyway, I hope your problem is resolved. If not I would clean install Windows 10 and KI. I have another “storage” computer, so I refresh my gaming computer from time to time just to get rid of weird crap, it is so easy to do nowadays.

Good luck.