Game runs like its under water

I have not booted up Ki in a while. To my surprise when I booted it up everything runs in slow motion. I never had this issue before. Any help would be appreciated. Performance test fails with 114 score.
PC specs are old but should be fine

Intel I7
GTX 660 1.5G
16G System Ram
50G remaining Intel SSD
Windows 10

Did you update to the latest version. There was a KI update a few days ago.

I went through the same issues with my MacBook Pro running Windows 10. It was able to run KI at 1080p with all settings on low but when I fired it up a couple of days ago my performance plummeted. Hope we can find a solution to this problem.

If your pc is a laptop, it may just need to be plugged in to work normally.

It is a laptop and it was plugged in at the time. Wondering if I need to update or something.

@joytek82 Did you update you laptop’s GPU? if so, have you configured it to performance when plugged to charger?

Make sure all drivers for the video and sound card are up to date. Make sure all Windows updates are installed. Also, disable/ uninstall any additional security software and test the performance.

I don’t believe security software can influence the game play in any negative way.

go into your graphics card settings and make sure the game is set to your GTX instead of your integrated hardware