Game keeps freezing on my TV but still works fine on my monitor (Mirrored displays)

First time I’ve played since the patch and as soon as I start a fight the frame rate feels like it’s at 30fps and by the time I’m halfway through my first combo it has slowed down to nothing and freezes. My pc is hooked up to a monitor and my tv and the display is mirrored. I moved from my tv (which I was playing on) and turned on my monitor so I could use the mouse/keyboard to start troubleshooting and noticed even though the game was frozen on my tv it was working fine on my monitor. I loaded some other games to see if they still worked fine on my tv which they did. I’ve restarted my computer unplugged my hdmi cables and hooked them back up and still the problem persists. The menus all work fine it only happens during the actual fights. I have noticed that pausing the game unfreezes my tv but it will freeze again 5 seconds into a combo. Any help would be appreciated.