Game instabilities and loading times

Hello everybody. Here are some things that I think
should be addressed with Killer Instinct and it’s
online game options.

1-The game in general, in-between matches take
too long to move on to the next fighter. In single
player mode, you should be able to quickly move up
the line. Having to wait for the same one liner, and only
having the option to rematch is not enough of a challenge.
We should be able to skip the one liner cliche at the end
of the fight like we do the intro. Also choosing how many
rounds would be good too. especially if you could for say
save how many rounds you prefer, time, difficulty etc…,
then if you wind up fighting somebody with the same options
then even better!

2-Problems syncing with the server.
Also I know the community is growing and there may
be a limited amount of user’s but the overall network
gaming experience is just slow.

Like I said above, if it’s going to take 5 minutes for me to
find a match, and we prefer 4 rounds at 90 seconds, then
why not?

One last thing Hey guy’s dont be a lamo, if you start
getting beat up dont turn the rest of the round into a fireball
showdown. Especially when your level 50, your skills should be better
then this type of lame game, especially against fighters like Tusk.

Anyway happy new year everybody and Fight on!

I think most of this is just you. I find matches within 2 minutes.

Zoning Tusk is a bad idea? OK then.

Zoning is not their problem, it’s the problem you signed up for when you pick your character

This cant be, I have broadband, and a killer rig.
Killer networking everything is maxed out.
Well, will see if anyone else complains…

What do you think about the options
to move on quicker when just fighting
solo, and syncing rounds time, and other

PS 2 minutes is still way too long.
But who knows maybe not enough
fighters yet?

I dont have a problem setting sombody up, or zoning…
Just when thrown 15 30 fireballs at sombody who cant
still take away energy while blocking, and is a cheap way
to ware sombody down. Like it was back in the days
of street fighter, kick kick grab and throw, kick kick grab and

Noticed when playing online and selecting exhibition I find
players way faster.

weird how I’ve never had these issues with KI? If someone is throwing fireballs you can jump over them or use shadow moves to get in.

This topic is formatted like poetry, I can’t figure out for the life of me why anyone would do that. O_0


I know what im saying is its cheap and annoying when your beating the pants off somebody and they start throwing like 50 fire balls.

Why would you expect your opponent to continue with the same strategy that obviously isn’t working for them?


Many that do so usually get rekt, or learn from it and don’t do it again.

Tell me why…

so then start be lame and cheating…
because thats what i call it.

i been playing this game since 1.o before you where alive you dont know what your talking about.

And you my friend do not understand sarcasm or being facetious for the sake of humor.

Not at my expense…

Why would you suggest I have a lack of understanding after all I commented on was the weird way you choose to format your posts? There isn’t anything close to being a “low blow” there, just “why would they do this?”

ok, the syntactically observant…