Game crashing in rank matches

my game been acting up on Xbox one every few matches my game just kick me back to the main Xbox scream. I been trying to get a star this month and every time it does that i get a lost and lots of point lost and i don’t wanna get into the quitters league without bean my fault this is crap after i did the last update this game been acting up.

There is no such thing as a “quitters league” as far as I know. Gamewise, at worst, you’ll go to the bottom of your tier and stay there.

Also, have you checked your network? I used to run wireless and got disconnected all of the time (it usually counted as a win in my case though) until I fully wired my entire house with ethernet.

Quit a Killer Instinct Match Early? You Go to Jail check this out and my Xbox is connected with Ethernet cable it only happens in K.I nothing everything else work.

The jail system only existed in S1 - since then, it’s been long gone, since it was found to be fundamentally broken…

Good to know I’m gonna try re installing the game to see if that helps.