Game crashes when searching for online match

This doesn’t happen all the time, but it is very frequent, once every 4 matches i play my game crashes to the desktop. The crash happens while I’m searching for a match. Anyone else having this issue?


PC version? i think there were reports of that…a known issue that will b fixed in an upcoming patch @ some pt…

Yeah, this is a known issue that has been affecting some players. The devs have already aknowledged it and are likely working to solve it. Let´s hope everything gets fixed with the upcoming Mira patch.

Yeah, I’m on PC, I had no idea that the devs have acknowledged it.

I’m on XB1 atm, it started happening to me a couple of days ago. And the extra annoying part though is that it acts like I disconnected during a match and it credits me with a loss.

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Started happening to me last night. :confused:

Have it also this in combo with the rage quiters and other ppl having= probation warning meh.

Started happening to me after the Gargos update, but today seems to have gotten worse, i crashed 3 times in 2 hours.(Xbox)

Thank God i wasnt in a match

Okay, so I’ve been playing KI since season 1 and HAVE NEVER BEEN ISSUED WARNINGS OR PROBATIONS FOR CHEATING. Up until this recent Gargos patch I’ve been hit with so much BS, it’s making me not want to play. I search for a ranked match, and it starts up but then the match will completely close out Killer Instinct on the Xbox One. I boot it up and I get slammed with a loss. It’s happened several times within the past week since Gargos has been dropped. Just moments ago I played a ranked match of KI. No big deal, am I right? I win the match against another Killer rank player, 2-0. Not once did the match lag, and we finished the match as normal. I decided to go back and search for another game…as I did so I was slammed with a probation warning because of me having “too many ranked disconnect wins”. This is absolutely ridiculous. I haven’t had these problems at all within the past two seasons. Fix this damn bug soon so that I can get back to playing KI without being bothered with a probation warning or getting a loss for something that I did not do.


Also experiencing this.

Happens frequently.

Welp, I can now too join the club :frowning: crashing on X1.

I was playing ranked and right as it would go from “searching for an opponent” to the translation screen where you normally would select your character (which it doesn’t even make it to that screen, crashes on the black screen) and then boom a crash. After two crashes and being awarded two losses for “disconnecting” I gave up playing for today, it’s frustrating and we shouldn’t have to be punished because there is a bug the crashes the game on the Xbox, I have been playing since day 1 and never experienced this till today.

Game crashing multiple times for me each time I play. Has happened consistently on 2 XBO’s. One at work and one at home.

We are all on probation guys! We surely did something XD!!! For real…this is getting totally annoying. It’s scary to play ranked for now. IG please take notice because this is a nasty bug.

This happened to me as well, but on the Xbox One. When I relaunched the game and went back into ranked, it said I disconnected during a ranked match and have been credited with a loss lol.