Game continuously crashing after 20+ victories in survival

As title states, this game normally runs fine, however if I get up to 20+ in survival on veteran or champion the game closes to desktop with no information as to why or what happened. Pretty poor that this is happening when it didn’t prior to the Killgore and shadow lords horseshit.


it happens on the XBOX version of the game as well. but there are 2 differences…
1. at the loading screen just before the crash, the KI theme music stops completely, and then after some time kicks back in; and
2. the game window does not shut down. the music keeps playing, the opponent image loads but the selected character doesn’t.

My magic number seems to be 24.

first if you are on xbox i got a few questions about your network configurations

do have DMZ to your ip adress?
is your NAT open or moderated?
do you have a clean connection with a free modem only without others using the same router?

Also check your if your internet protocol are ipv4 or ipv6 - 6 is better.

I will look into this for sure and configure settings accordingly, however, as the OP stated this was not an issue before the SL update. By the first rule of troubleshooting, it would seem to suggest that the issue is, at least related, to the update as it was working as designed, before.

Is IG looking into this problem?
My game crashed afther my 18th or 19th victorie (xbox).
First when it loads for your next fight the music goes out (so i knew its was gonna happen again :disappointed:) then you get kicked to xbox dashboard.

I hope IG can solve this problem very soon. I wanna play some survival with Kilgore.
Please fix.
(this happens on normal survival, don’t know about shadow survival cause i never get this far :wink:)

It happened to me again, now afther fight 22.
Does any one know if IG is aware of this issue?