Game-Breaking Tech: The Ministry of Silly Jumps

I’ve been holding onto this bit of tech for a little bit, but since I’ve had enough fun with it and it doesn’t help that much, I’ve decided to describe it fully (maybe it’s not secret to all of you).

How to get it:

Do Aganos’ safe counter breaker, which is a counter breaker at the same time as a non-ender Ruin through a wall. You can set it up with a Cr. HP manual or Shadow Payload Assault.

Three things can happen:

  1. Your opponent tries breaking and gets hit with a counter breaker
  2. Your opponent somehow breaks it but still flies through the wall
  3. They don’t press anything and you hear the counter breaker sound

If number 3 happens, you have placed a curse on your opponent.

What it does:

  1. Gives opponents with a floaty jump a less floaty jump.
  2. Gives opponents with a non-floaty jump a more floaty jump.
  3. The opponent becomes nearly weightless when hit with juggles and anti-airs

It’s really funny to watch the opponent become confused with their new jump. Its effect and usefulness varies by opponent. Do it to Aganos; it’s hilarious.

How to lose it:

  • Get your combo broken
  • Blowout a combo (Fun Fact: you can’t say B L O W on the new forum. Ha!)


  • Plenty of time after a Cr. HP to grab a chunk
  • Ditto for a combo breaker
  • Your jump HP ground bounce actually becomes useful
  • You can confuse the hell out of your opponent with it (Glacius players love it)
  • It’s funny


  • It’s harder to time a Cr. HP into Ruin anti-air
  • It’s harder to time a Shadow Natural Disaster recapture (as if it needed to be harder)
  • Higher level Pulverize enders that have an uppercut won’t work
  • You can accidentally give your opponent a harder to punish jump arc
  • The change can surprise you too

I probably shouldn’t be giving this useful information away since it’s a bug, but with how IG addresses Aganos’ bugs, we might see this patched out around 2018.

Glacius has the same glitch too. Have to do heavy puddle punch into shadow hail and do the counterbreak attempt too. If done right, opponent gets floaty jumps, (Glacius actually gets a short Sabrewulf like jump) and when you do launcher enders on them, they float for ever.

Same boat as Aganos, by the time they decide to fix this or anything Glacius related, Season 5 will be rolling out

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A heavy puddle on standing opponent then a shadowhail that misses and counter break? is that what you mean? i cant get it to work

I’m uploading it right now. What’s weird too is that when I recorded it, the audio went out completely, then came back but was desynced

Here’s a video


I don’t think this happens for all safe counter-breakers, does it? I feel like it would be better known if it did.

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Jago can also activate this but I have no clue how. Back when season 2 first came out I was trying to find a safe counter breaker with him and then I gave up and decided to practice manuals only to realize that the dummy was super floaty during juggles. I eventually lost it after whiffing a counter breaker. I reported it in the bug thread but since I couldn’t figure out how to recreate it I’m not sure if it was ever fixed.

This is hilarious thanks for sharing lol.
Although in case you don’t know I’d like to share that a back.lp into light ruin also works as a wall crash :slight_smile: