Gambit movie loses third director

FOR F###’S SAKE!!!

Why is this movie going through this hell?!?!

When I first heard that there would be a Gambit solo movie with Channing Tatum starring in the lead, I was so excited. But my hope for it to ever happen is cut down time and time again because of s##t like this. It’s frustrating and saddening.


-cries in Danish-

Honestly, I get that he has stories, but giving Gambit his own movie deals unnecessary.

No movie is “necessary”. They are for entertaintment purposes, and Gambit is a popular X-men character. No, he’s not the most popular of them all, that would be Wolverine, but you can’t convince me that his solo movies were “necessary” either. Or even good, for that matter, other than Logan which was surprisingly well made.

As for me, Gambit and Psylocke are my two favourite Marvel characters, so it breaks my heart knowing that what could have been a potentially good movie starring one of them in the lead is going through this sh#t. :frowning: