He’s absolutely amazing. One thing I love to do with him I’ve discovered is after an Ultra I catch people and just gently put them down.

Gargos Mirror Matches are interesting to. You’ll either feel like an overlord, OR you’ll feel like a total weakling give or take lol.

So far aside from getting the hang of how I’m using him, the hardest thing is having to not get angry when my minions die. I honestly get attached to them sometimes. Lol

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Gagos for Ss3? AMAZING

I haven’t really tried using the minions yet (I am slow learner lol) right now I am getting used to his grab ender and how to do the different strength hits. A lot of the time when I grab, he seems to want to instantly end with the portal slam or the shadow steal. I think it is because I am holding the stick or something. Does anyone know if he instantly ends the grab if the KV meter is already pretty much full?

And yes he is awesome, I am loving him so far :slight_smile:

Trust me,nothing feels more awesome than two gargos in armor doing shadow portal punch.

I’ll say this after fighting my brother. If you have a Gargos Mirror match; be careful or you know use them wisely cause the opposing Gargos can easily destroy them with standing HK and a number of things.

Also recently every SINGLE match my brother @Justathereptile and I have been playing was DEAD even. That’s pretty much where we are in skill with Gargos.

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lol I love that idea following ultra

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