Future sequel ideas for KI?

With Gargos & Eyedol now back together.

Will we expect future sequels for KI? New enemies for the heroes to face?

I don’t think we’ll be seeing gargos and eeydol in KI2. I bet any money kan-ra will somehow get stuck in the astral plane and then becomes the main villian of KI2.

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Thats not a bad idea…

However i would like to see a season four first where the heroes and Ultratech finally duke it out and settling their differences after havin beaten the shadow lords in season three.

A new KI can then be about a Kan-Ra shadow lord :sunglasses:

I am open to a sequel, but something that I have a hard time thinking of is the name for that sequel. What would it be? There is already a KI2. Granted there was already a KI before the 2013 reboot, but I am curious and excited to see where they go with a name.

And time travel was a plot point in KI2 and perhaps it could be brought in for the sequel. Fighting across time after fighting across dimensions. or perhaps the multiverse could come into play. Who knows? Thankfully, Iron Galaxy have proven themselves to be incredibly creative, so whatever happens, I’m sure it will be a treat.

It’d be better than time travel.

The multiverse sounds good.

A couple of ideas:
-The Aftermath of the Gargos Invasion and his battle with Eyedol (probably a season 4 idea if it ever becomes a thing)
-An Ultratech rival company
-I really like the multiverse idea

Killer Instinct 2: Kill Harder.


A new company against Ultratech can work.

Some group who seek out unnatural resources to make themselves invincible.

There’s so much added to stories there could be defining matches between new characters

Would the 3quel been then called killer instinct with a vengeance?

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2 kill 2 insinct


Will there be more supernatural forces like Gargos to appear?

Heaven & Hell be involved?

More aliens? But evil ones who are enemies of Glacius’ kind?

I do not think that is a good idea, we just got everyone back together and a bunch of other new unique characters, we should not be thinking about a sequel especially when this console is still rather new a next gen sequel would be nice though

I’d rather not see KI milked to staleness.

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Either the fallout after the Gargos/Eyedol battle, and how everyone will appreciate each other afterwards (Ultratech/Resistance) will be the next storyline OR we might go about the whole vampire coven thing with Mira. Mira was added in this game but storywise hasnt any direct strings attached to the Gargos invasion, I’m thinking she was added as a way to introduce the story/badguy for season 4. We could get the coven boss, who might be a monstrous vampire (to appease the fans who thought Mira was too pretty/humanlooking), or perhaps the head honcho isnt a vampire but a lovecraftion monster.
Also they seem to collect magical stuff (Mira is send out on a mission in the novella to collect something from Sabrewulf), who says they dont have a magic lamp (Djinn)…and they certainly have Wendigo’s.

Here are a list of things KI can go for after the events of Gargos & Eyedol.

  • The vampire coven. The leader of the vampires like Dracula. And their wendigoes.
  • Lost cities like Atlantis can appear.
  • Aliens from another planet. Aliens based on insects or even those based on symbiotic parasites.
  • Demonic & angelic forces. Including spiritual forces. A detective would be a protagonist researching these things from the natural & supernatural - paranormal.
  • Ancient armor scattered in pieces and are being searched by a terrorist group and its leader.
  • A new corporation that is destined to rival Ultratech.
  • More immortals like Tusk.
  • The Cthulhu Mythos
  • Yokai

I’d love sequels, but my hope is that if sequels are made they spread them out years apart. Maybe every generation of consoles? IDK, but I have fallen in love with KI thanks to the reboot and I don’t wanna see it go so soon.

They even said they will supporting as long as we keep playing. I’m fine with that. What I’m not fine with is them milking it so much that it starts to backfire on them. I’ve said this time and time again.

Leave off on a good note. DON’T be the next SF4. NOONE wants that crap.

So you don’t want Super Killer Instinct Mega Turbo Hyper? :stuck_out_tongue:

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“I find your humor inappropriate.”

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