Future character and story idea

So I have been thinking a lot about where the story can go from here and how to add cool characters and I have a cool idea that would touch all the way back to season one.

The heros were battling Gargos when only a true guardian could deal the final blow. Tusk took his sword and shoved it through Gargos chest. All of the dark energy of Gargos and the previous shadow lords had been absorbed into Tusks sword. The amount of shadow energy was too much causing the sword to glow and explode into Tusk. Tusk stood up shrugged it off and told the heroes he was fine and headed off to meditate while the heroes celebrated. Tusk had realized that this new energy inside him was too powerful and evil to control and went to the only place he believed he would safe from everyone. He headed to the mountains of his old home in hopes of freezing himself into a glacier again. While Tusk slept in his icy home his body and mind began to change. He began to grow horns on his face and spikes began to burst out of his skin from his spine. All this time shadow jago and omen believed the visions they saw when channeling their instinct was Gargos but in fact it was this new beast Tusk has become. Omen and Shadow Jago team up and vow to find and wake this new monster.

So Tusk becomes transformed by mixing the corrupt shadow energy of the shadow lords and tusks guardian blood. He will
Look like the instinct image shago and omen use to finally put the issue of not looking like Gargos to rest but also because that design looks amazing!

Personally, I do not like this idea.