Future Arcade Mode

Since it seems this game isn’t going to end anytime soon, can we plz get a authentic classic arcade mode with single fights and a final boss with a couple different secret bosses?? This will make the game 1000% better imo!!


I have mentioned this in several older threads, but I definitely agree. One thing I would mention that I hope they get rid of is the initial “here’s a marquee and all the rewards you get if you get all the endings” screen. IMHO that itself is likely why hardly anyone has played story/arcade mode because after you unlock everything, every time you start up the mode you’re greeted with a screen that pretty much says there’s nothing more to see here, complete with shortcuts to get to the character endings. It all pretty much signals in as many ways as possible that you should be spending your time elsewhere.


Would be cool to have a traditional arcade mode that featured the four different bosses based on requirements throughout the fights.


I think they will eventually put this in if we continue to make it loud and clear that its what we want. The key is vote o the surveys. Share the surveys, make sure people that agree with your stance fill out the surveys.

We are getting exactly what the surveys said we want from the majority of voters.

The last survey was packed full of questions about arcade ladder/ story mode.


I’d appreciate a random tower

A true lottery that pulls a top tier shadow of ANY character as your boss. 5 Normal 10 challenging 20 godlike, with KI Gold obtained at the end of each difficulty

5 characters completed- 50 KI gold
10 characters completed- 100 KI gold
20 characters completed- 150 gold or higher


…with a nice Attract Mode that shows off the character trailers mixed in with a bit of CPU vs CPU demo. I need something to leave running if I ever get round to building a cabinet :slight_smile:

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I had actually made a concept of an attract mode awhile back. I honestly hope we do get something like this.

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I’ve requested this so many times and I’m still for it.

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That would be awesome!

Is there any way I can select people’s Shadow’s to fight against with characters whom I DON’T have a Shadow with myself? For example I have a Tusk & Arbiter Shadow, but I’ve been learning Shago and Kim Wu. The only way to play against people’s Shadow’s it seems is to go into Lab and use my own Shadows to fight others’. Or to go into Shadow Survival. What I want to do is just pick Shago/Kim and select which Shadows I want to play just like I do with Tusk/Arby in the Lab.

I love KI’s Shadows. I think they are soooo much more interesting to play against than any other A.I. has been. I wish they would let us play against the Shadows with any character we want.

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Yes! Shadow Survival! Go to Single player, Survival, then choose Shadow Survival instead of classic survival. DONE

If they recycled Survival Mode but make it so health replenishes after each match and meter/instinct doesn’t carry over it would essentially be Arcade Mode just without character endings and any secret fights. Add those things and you got it.

No! What I’m trying to do is learn characters that are new for me. And I want to be able to play against Rash Shadows over and over again. I really don’t want to delete my real Shadows just to do this. Plus I don’t feel like I’m playing against as good of Shadows as I do off the leaderboards. I don’t understand the reason for blocking this.

You don’t delete your shadows. You go choose shadow survival, choose any character you want to use and run the survival ladder. You can skip to higher level shadows on the menu as well.

Its no different than challenging shadow leader boards… its faster and more challenging.

I can’t pick which Fighter I’m playing against and I’m not playing against very good Shadows if feels like. I skip tier everytime and its not even a challenge (and that’s me playing with chars I don’t know). I play against Shadows off the leaderboards and I can challenge the highest ranked ones and actually lose while playing my best characters.

Shadow Survival is slower and less challenging. I’d have to keep restarting to try and fight the character I want and the Shadow won’t be as tough as the ones I fight in Lab.

Does anyone with gaming industry/development knowledge know how easy/difficult this is to do? It seems relatively simple imo wouldn’t you just need to create a similar algorithm to classic survival but add an end to it. Then add conditions so that meeting certain requirements will determine which end (boss) you face?

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Skip all the way to 1000 SP

Well, that helps. You can skip more than one tier? I actually didn’t know that if that’s true lol.

Yeah when the prompt pops up just scroll to the right and it gives you a few options but i costs Shadow points so make sure you have enough in stock. But I get what you are looking for and survival is the closet you can get to what you want at the moment. Godl uck

From what I can tell it wouldn’t even be that complex because they already have story/arcade mode for season 1&2 in place. But then again I’m not a dev.