Full shots of S3 stages by the artist who worked on them

I stumbled upon this on DeviantArt:

These are in game screenshots from stages i’ve worked on in Killer Instinct Season 3. My primary responsibilities included working in a small team for re-lighting, re-texturing, optimizing and setting up character lighting. These stages that have existed in the original KI season for the implementation of Beast global illumination on proprietary engine which required an overhaul of all meshes, lighting, and lightmaps.

If you want to download the images, the resolution is 4000x1533 (!!!) and they weight 5.2 MB

Low-res versions below:




This is why stages are so so important!.

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@TempusChaoti this is why our hearts cry PLEASE give us DLC stages :smile:

Mira, Gargos and whoever deserve them. They are great extentions of their characterisation.




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Thanks. Might use some of them for my fan art.

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WOW! They look some much more Important when seen like this! I really hope we can get at least 1 stage to share and cover these last 4 members of Shadow Lords (If the last 2 are who I think they are) …which would leave Rash being the only one without a stage.

Thanks for sharing, was actually looking for stuff like that :smiley:

Thank you all.

Remeber that the pictures I have posted are NOT the max resolution ones. If you want to download them in full glory, go to http://shogun-3d.deviantart.com/ and click the download button.

Also if you have a deviantart account, you can thank the original artist in the comment section

The stages are the stars of killer instinct.