Full content physical release? Or fake?


Somehow I doubt this is real but I am curious.

“Shadow Jango”? Eighth character’s identity confirmed!


Other country sites have leaked stuff early before so it’s not impossible…just be warned MS/IG staff, if you guys do release a physical definitive edition of this KI with all the goodies included on the disc…I will toss wads of cash at you lol

Is that Jango Fetts shadow? Star wars guest!!! sweet! lol

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Omg what if it was a fett!? There has been much speculation on whether boba fett is going to be portrayed by tom hardy, this last month. That would be sick!

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Really? I havent heard about that! for the solo movie or for Rouge one?

Shadow Jango.

I found a leaked image of the new Shadow Jango character guys!


Rogue One. Rouge one would be makeup, lol.

Kidding aside, this is definitely not real. The box art is fake and the information is fake. At best, it’s an honest guess that there will be a physical release. But it is definitely not some informed leak.

As an aside, I really don’t understand the obsession with physical releases. I stopped buying discs and I couldn’t be happier.

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It is South Africa is it that Nigerian war dude

‘Shadow Jango’

Its 100% Fake…everyone knows Fulgore is the mascot/ poster boy not ARIA and T.J.


Games stores use random placeholder box art all the time, you can’t really use that as the main reason for it being fake.

I was joking…

The listings gone now.


404 - it’s gotta be fake.

There’s many things I find suspect about it…

Like the box saying "season 1-3 "

Khan Ra and Aganos making the cover.

No season three character on cover

Art book and soundtrack Bundled and not sold separately? What?

Idk I think a retail copy will be a thing, but that listing probably isn’t it.

Let’s be real. If anyone is on the cover it would be Arbiter, and the game would be called “Halo: Killer Instinct edition”. This way MS can talk about halo some more, because every Friday is just not enough.

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