Fulgore Spin on Enders

All normals add spin speed, all physical abilites add spin speed, I know his enders for DP and Wall splat are supposed to add spin speed since they are also physical abilities. Now my question, since I did look at a video I made almost a year ago, is it intended that his DP ender and Wall Splat enders build little to no spin speed when their counterparts outside of combo add significantly more?

Light DP adds 1 hit of speed
Medium DP adds 2 hits of speed
Heavy DP adds 3 hits of speed outside of combo
Level 1 DP ender adds 1 hit of speed
Level 2 DP ender adds 1 hit of speed
Level 3 DP ender adds 1 hit of speed
Level 4 DP ender adds no hits of speed
Shadow DP ender adds no hits of speed

Blade Dash Light, Medium and Heavy all add 1 hit of speed outside of combo
Light Blade Dash Linker is 1 hit of speed
Medium Blade Dash Linker is 1 hit of speed
Heavy Blade Dash Linker is 1 hit of speed
Shadow Blade Dash Linker is 1 hit of speed

If this is working as intended, then the best ways to build meter for Fulgore are stray hits and Heavy DP’s outside of combo. Makes his damage linker worthless since spin speed is much more important than an extra 1-2% damage. Auto Doubles and Fulgore’s Triple trait all add spin speed on each hit, manuals work as well but if you use laser linkers and a 2 manuals ended with a level 3 Dp ender, you will gain the spin speed from your opener assuming it was a blade dash, if not, your spin speed will only awarded 3 hits worth of speed which is equal to 3 crouching lights. If you used blade dash linkers instead, you’d be awarded 5 hits worth of spin speed. still not much but slightly better. I don’t feel it can be compared to actual battery enders at this point but with his damage nerf I feel his Dp ender should be his pseudo battery ender because it is the only one that doesn’t yield a setup, and the damage difference between it and a setup ender is maybe 5-8% unless you use the shadow version, which I can understand not adding spin speed since that is supposed to be his I want all the damage I can get version.

If this isn’t working as intended, it most definitely explains why I always feel starved for meter, why my combo’s feel like they don’t ever add squat to spin speed unless I land a lot of triples. If the Dp ender added spin speed the way I think it should which would be each hit of ender level, then I wouldn’t feel so restricted towards my dash linker. Even the wall splat ender regardless of ender level only grants 1 hit of speed even though that ender is all normals and physical hits, but that one with a level 4 ender still grants at least 1 hit of speed, but I’m ok with that adding lower speed since it grants a setup, less speed for the reward being a setup. His Dp ender has no use only granting 1 hit of speed and nothing on a level 4. I would rather take a setup option since the stray poke I get from it will easily make up the difference the dp would have cashed out.

His best pressure/block strings involve using his lasers, none of his blade dash strength’s are positive on block, which means in order to optimize your meter gain per hit dealt outside of combo you have to use unsafe or neutral moves. If you want actual pressure you have to sacrifice it for your light laser which is his only special that is positive on block and allows a block string followup. His medium laser I believe is neutral or -1 but it creates space making it slightly safe.

Anyway, I’ve noticed this for a while but never looked at it this in depth until today when I played a mirror. He did nothing but laser linkers and plasma bolt enders while I did blade dash linkers and dp enders and the difference in meter was hardly noticeable. I maybe had access to 2 extra pips outside of instinct than he had access to during the entire match.

I wouldn’t getting more spin-speed like this. If it weren’t for the fact that he may just end up getting nerfed again in another area.

Personally I just want Fulgore to do at least 3% more damage but sadly I think it just means he’ll get another nerf.

Personally I don’t really have any problems gettin meter due to my aggressive playstyle.

You should really post up the video of what you’re talking about otherwise we can’t discuss the nuances of the system.

Almost all of us agree that if Fulgore changes, it’s only minor massaging.

And to note: Most of that looks like a good analysis of the situation but an improper conclusion.
Remove your bias as to how a character should play and feel how the game is telling you how each character can be played.

For example:

Only if you’re looking for single ticks to your spin. Sustained pressure rewards your meter, not poking in and out.
It’s why it’s been suggested you might do better with another character.

… It may be that Shago will be better suited to your style as it seems you like offensive poking-footsies and he can use Shadow in bits like Fulgore but also will have full Shadow Bars to use like other characters. (And he’s likely to have at least 1 Battery Ender).

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I’ll work on making a video when I get home.