Fulgore should have a new teleport effect

Pretty simple.

Online there can be strange times where Fulgore stays invisible long after the actual move. This makes Fireball -> teleport mixups unreactable for the next 2-4 moves. If 2-3 seconds of extra invisibility isn’t “cheese”, then i dont know what is.

Either maybe remove the invisibility, and just replace the effect, or have a 2nd effect layered in that is not subject to the invisibility, and outlines Fulgores Arms and legs so that you can tell what move he is attempting. Maybe some glowing orange energy veins that cover his entire body.


Or maybe fulgore shouldn’t teleport. BECAUSE F#@% Fulgore and his options lol


hope that wasnt meant to be mean. Im really not trying to complain about the character, but this is a bug that really should be fixed.

(Not taking up an extra space just to say “K, thanks”. So in reply to the post below me):

K thanks.:slight_smile:


No man. In all honesty I think the teleport should have a smaller invisibility window. The recovery of his move isn’t necessary viable unless we can see him. Especially when it comes to his vortex game.


I am a fulgore main, and while it would make me slighty sad like all nerfs do, I feel this would be a good thing to do. As it stands fulgore’s fireball - teleport vortex is bordering on being a left - right guess imo. Giving it an indication of where it would appear would turn fireball - teleport into a question of getting the correct positioning ( ie. teleport to a particular side due to it being closer to the corner) and make it a high - low mix up into his normal, pretty good, pressure.

I think the invisibility should simply end when his teleport does; not AFTER.


His invisibility lasts…what was it? I believe it was 42 frames after he’s done teleporting and moving again.

Honestly, its broken so badly that it could last as long it WANTS to.

I played Shin Paulo’s Fulgore last night, and every time he teleported, he could perform an overhead, opener, and get half way into an auto double before he even STARTED to re-appear.

I also noticed that Fulgores teleports arent COMPLETELY invisible. For about half of the time, He is invisible, BUT he is blurry and slightly outlined, so that you can see what he is trying to do…

Unless you are online. If you are REALLY unlucky, then instead of him being “Half-invisible” for about 3 seconds, he will be TOTALLY INVISIBLE for 3 seconds.

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Ask the devs if that’s part of the design. Could be a bug that’s not been said this whole time.

lol. If they INTENDED for fulgore to have 1 second of partial invisibility offline, but between 1 and 3 seconds of full, inconsistent, invisibility online, there is a serious problem at hand.

Well ask them. Maybe it’s a bug. Or I’ll do it.


(clears throat)

“YOO HOO… @developers , can we have some input on this please! No rush, take your time!”

At least his Mimic skin has that green smoke that shows regardless of if he’s invisible or not, maybe that will reveal a few Fulgore players who choose to use the new skin. :sweat_smile:

Oh, believe me, it’s been said (I know, 'cause I was the 1 who said it).

Even if he’s partially invisible, that still makes him harder to read. Raam is all the proof you need of that.

This is so dumb you guys need to learn how to deal with fulgore instead of calling for nerfs all the time it’s very simple hold down on your controller or fight stick and press light kick or light punch you will catch him if he teleports behind or in front of you every time

OBVIOUSLY you are bad if you think that works. Have you never seen a fireball -> teleport mixup before? Try mashing light punch during that and tell us if it works.

Dont contribute if you dont know what your talking about.

Lol I don’t know what I’m talking about I’ve been playing this game since it dropped I know exactly what I’m talking about of course it’s not going to work if he throws a fireball first but what you’re talking about is he teleports with a fireball then an overhead just do a standing block and if you know anything about the character you’re going to need to block low after he does this because right after that overhead doesn’t work more than likely he’s going to hit you with a low Eye laser

Obviously YOU don’t know what you’re talking about if you knew anything about the character you would know that his eyes are visible through just about every bit of his teleports they’ll be the first thing u see…take notes and learn instead of quickly call for nurfs

I agree.

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Its a bug. not a nerf