Fulgore shadow laser bug

There’s a bug where shadow laser doesn’t act normally it act as the linker version. For example I could do crmk to shadow laser and it will be breakable. I didn’t want to make a thread before because I don’t known to replicate it and did this happen to anyone else.

Same here.
I once did Shadow eye laser->H. laser->Shadow teleport but dropped the combo. Now every time I Shadow laser after a normal I get the linker version which is not supposed to happen.

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the KI dev team seriously s crewed this patch up. on the flip side is that you can currently shadow teleport out of 2 hit shadow counters. you can shadow DP or shadow teleport out of it. makes higher level players beyond salty :wink:. use it till they patch it and s crew up something else

Glacius’s shadow hail has been breakable for ages, and they mentioned that was a deliberate change when it happened.
Basically if you can use a projectile as a linker without needing to do some tricky manual set-up, then it’s going to be breakable.
Because if it wasn’t breakable, that would be verrry unfair.

I pretty sure that was always a thing since the games launch in 2013… season 3 made it more difficult to interrupt the start-up of shadow counters, but even certain jabs can still do it.

No this is an opener not a linker. Like my example before Cr.mk to shadow laser is breakable and it shouldn’t be there.

they semi patched it. from my understanding from Infilament is that it’s something to do with recovery frames. trust me man. before I could rarely do it. now I can pull it off every time