Fulgore new color

Anyone know what’s up with the new fulfore color ? Says I’ve unlocked it on the shadow lords meter but it’s nowhere to be found. Maybe it’s not actually out yet

I was confused too. You have to play 1 shadow lords match and it unlocks. IMO it’s ugly.

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Oh ok thanks man !

I played one match but no colour has appeared for me? im a bit confused, what does it look like and where can i find it

You need to complete at least 25% (if I remember well) of the Shadow Lords bar.
I was already over 25% so, after the first new fight in SL it gave the unlock notification.
After that, you can go check the characters customization to find color 11 added to Fulgore’s colors.
Nothing special anyway, it’s sort of less-good color 5, darker and without white stripes on the legs and number “03” on the chest.
I was hoping in the exclusive color 10 (red/white) or, even better, the “royal guard colors” (chrome/metallic brown) like the ones of the two Fulgores in Aria stage.

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Big fan of his Color 11 (Green / Yellow Ponytail).
I’ve always wanted to see more “normal” looking colors added to the game instead of the goofball crazy ones. Actually, I like a mix of both, but I think these visually calm colors are needed to flesh out the options.

Still in definite need of his Aria stage Color. Also, his upcoming Terror skin is BEGGING for an Orange variant to complete the Tron homage.

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Go to Player vs CPU or CPU vs CPU. You will see his colors as CPU.

I was hoping for a decent and (in my case) accessable red fulgore.

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Me too, the action figures sent from US would cost an eye here in Italy.

It’s a Master Chief color.

That’s why I like it.

In my case it’s because it never gets through sadly.

Just now seeing it… I love it. Has a military vibe to it.