Fulgore Armor in Halo!

Found this on Reddit. Didn’t catch the guys username so I don’t know who to credit but this is some amazing art!

EDIT: The art belongs to @ScribbleFilo


Was just about to post this. I really hope they have something like this planned for Halo 5.


The only armor I’d ever wear in Halo 5.

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That is so BA! I hope it’s true! You sir, get a like from me. :heart:

Haha it was me who designed this armor set, thanks for posting it here cos I totally forgot to.

Like Halo 3 did with DOA, I really hope a KI-inspired armor set appears in Halo 5 or even Halo 6. Happy to see the positive feedback from the Halo and KI community from this armor concept.

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Halo should release a small patch, with a 3 min map overrun with Fulgores & Riptors, the exposure would be epic


Wow looks great should be in a free req pack update when season 3 hits.

Q: What would his back or legs look like?

Heres the full design, the legs would have similar elements to the Fulgore Type-03 design


That is sick as hell.

Ooh also what about a Fulgore wristblade as an Energy Sword skin?

Every piece of armor has variations, skins, or paint jobs if you will - I imagine the 1 above would have the Ultratech logo on it. :wink:

Type - 03 ready to teabag again…

This time in First Person.