Frosty Faustings KI top 8 now!

Top 8 is now! Why the hell there wasn’t a thread with links on this tournament I don’t know…kind of disappointing but here it is, better late than never.

Beware, Tswaggs commentary is annoying LOL

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LCD’s Arbiter vs jackal’s Gargos is really scary!

I’m very glad to see Arbiter in top 8 again. :slight_smile:

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I wish Tswagg would shut the hell up! OMG he is ruining the stream!


I’m curious to know why you dont like him?

His commentary sucks…he is annoying. His lisp is annoying, he keeps “clipping” the mic, he isnt funny, being a great commentator is delivering the commentary without being “noticed” over the actual match.

See… Max, Sajam, Del Raich, Chan, ect…

Ah I see. I am surprising that F3 Sleep use Arbiter again. I thought he drops this character because he get nerf…
BTW, Is Kilgore banned?

Not sure? they were advertising to buy him earlier so…??

I notice there’s gray slot in Kilgore. That’s mean he is banned? hmmm

yes he is banned then

Why is he banned? :confused:

sleep bout to loose!!!



Holy cow! Amenty’s Mira is madness!

Holy crap what a comeback by Larry!!! That was aweosme!!!

***WRECKED!!! lol

Im pulling for LCD now that SLeep is out.

LMAO cmon man Tswag is like that annoying lil bro that you want to cheer for.

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So… Nicky is champion now. :smiley:

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Every new character is usually banned from tournaments until they’ve been out for at least two or three weeks. It’s just to make sure they’re working properly and no unforseen bugs affect the tournament.

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Nicky played really well. Fulgore is ridiculous but Nicky uses him in ways no one else does. He also got in Dayton’s head pretty good, which is hard because Dayton is also amazing.


@FallofSeraphs76 thanks. I totally forgot about the Ff tournament. The only reason I knew about it was because it was all over Twitter. Still I missed it, lol.

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Lol. Timing wasn’t super convenient for you anyway, assuming you require any amount of sleep. :joy:

Still worth a watch of the archives though (when the rest of the tournament actually ends) - KI had some REALLY good sets :thumbsup: