Friday the 13th: The Game

Anyone here tried it so far? It’s such a fun game!

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I’m waiting for the bugs/ servers to be fixed. Looks fun though!

UPDATE: They also added their first update with Retro Jason on all platforms!

I’ve been caught up on their tweets of their updates fixes and from what I’m hearing and experiencing it is now playable in all platforms; there are some minor bugs and server crashes, however, but not too severe as the first weeks after it’s launch.

Xbox version is not out yet. there is a memory leak and until they fix it the new addition will not be patched.

Are you talking about the update?
It should be out now. Retro Jason is selectable by going to Part 3 Jason and pressing Right thumbstick; all the counselors now have 2 new sets of clothing. 13k cp will come this weekend during double XP event.

From what I have heard, being Jason is a blast but being a teen is boring. Asymmetric multiplayer is difficult to get right when it comes to making both sides fun.

From my experience it’s sometimes true especially when your Jason’s first kill. But being a counselor is about what it’s like to be hunted by Jason Voorhees as soon as you hear him close by and experiencing fear while alone with few jumpscares and the communication with other players that is essential for survival. The biggest one I had fun being a counselor though is when players who act out as their own characters in the game is hilarious and enjoyable when pursued or working together.

I’ve been having a blast with this game. I actually enjoy being a counselor more than Jason himself, but either way I love this. The only issue I’ve had was the game crashing every now and then, but aside from that, it’s been well worth the experience. I can’t wait to see if they add anything beyond Single Player later this Summer. I doubt it, but then again I doubted that they would add Retro Jason when other’s suggested it and was happily wrong.

I have seen gameplay of it and it looks extremely good but I have heard about the butchered launch which kinda put me off but now that they are fixed I should be getting it soon.

That and the game is digital only atm, so i will probably wait for the physical game since disks are usually cheaper