Friday The 13th: The Game (PAX Gameplay Update)

yeah in some ways, that game was really good btw

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It’s not much, but here is some


Showing off some mechanics and some animations, as well as early stuff. So yes, the counsellors aren’t really trying to escape in a way. Lol

I think people already know its an Early Alpha.

You never know. Lol.

People are quick to jump to assumptions and such.

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Any confirmation of a story mode? I hope it’s not just pvp.

People usually write me off as a hater but I really do think Mears should reprise the role in the next film and from now on. Nothing against Hodder but even as a huge FT13th nut, I don’t think he is THAT great. I have a certain amount of respect for him for being so passionate about the series and playing him but man, I think Mears is just a PERFECT Jason.

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id be up for mears to play him again, he did really well last time. i rather enjoyed that jason movie he was in, but i am not sure how well it performed at the B.O.

also when then counselor was hiding in the cabin under the bed, i lol’d so hard when jason pokes his head in through the window. then when he was leaving but stops and turns around, i was like AHHHH SHIIII

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Hey look guys, I found a video talking about the game from an exclusive Dev interview.

@FallofSeraphs76 cough @R1stormrider cough


when i catch a break i will watch this!

These Devs know what they are doing. They have everything already planned out. They just need to make and polish the game.

New Gameplay of Friday the 13th

sick trailer lol


I just posted that on this thread :stuck_out_tongue:

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im not seeing it, its just a blank post lol

I just want to see actual gameplay. DARN YOU GUN MEDIA

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Scroll up then it should be there but if not re-upload the page.

i have, many times. your post “new gameplay…” has nothing on it man lol. if you tried to link, it didnt work or im firewalled somehow

Hmm… thats odd. I think might something to do with the fire wall.

it literally just says “new gameplay of friday the 13th” and thats it. nothing else on there