Frequent RQers & disconnects in ranked

I’m pretty new to KI since it came to win10 so I’m not sure is this is common in ladders. I recently dove into ranked matches and more often than not I’m running into people disconnecting mid-match when it starts to go in my favor. Didn’t think much of it until I was put on probation by the ladder system for a suspicious amount of wins due to disconnect. I thought it a little odd to punish the party not responsible for the disconnect but I kept grinding on.
The issue is now I’m getting closer to Silver rank and each time I’ve either win or come close to winning the higher ranked person disconnects. Once even during Ultra so I was still penalized and awarded no points even though it was an actual win and not one due to disconnect during mid game.
Needless to say this pretty discouraging for someone new to the game considering you get matched up with people far beyond your current rank (Gold, Killer) which in most cases means you’ll take a loss & lose points anyways. At the very least the person not responsible for the disconnect shouldn’t be put into the probation.
I understand win trading could possibly be an issue in the Killer ranks if this were not the case but maybe only instate the penalty for frequent disconnects to both parties only in that rank. Might not fix the issue entirely but I feel it would be less discouraging to new players.

Could be your connection. Just a thought. I suggest that this may be the case because when people disconnect against me I get the win and the points still. Goodluck.

Each time I was awarded points for the disconnects up until being put on probation for winning due to disconnect. The issue I’m having now is that I’m perpetually stuck in the probation period. I’m within 250 points of making Silver but it’s about every 4 matches someone either RQs or disconnects mid-match. I’m not winning enough consecutive matches without a disconnect to clear me of the probation. Mostly 'cause I need to get better.
I guess it is what it is and I just mostly needed to vent about it. I still feel maybe there should be something looked at with the current probation system in the lower rankings.
Thanks for the reply.

It’s a fine criticism :slight_smile: it sounds like your issue is legitimate.

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I’m not sure why people always resort it to being an Internet issue. :question: OP I’ve seen this happen on several streams the number of RQ/disconnects is astonishing. The last few days seemed to be the worse.

Ok so it’s not just happening to me. Like I was saying in my op I’m still pretty new to the game. Especially ranked (started Qualifiers 3 days ago) so I was just trying to roll with it.

I was put on probation the last few days for the same reason too… It was odd enough since I had never experienced so many RQ/disconnects… Maybe it’s just my internet…

Not sure if there’s manpower behind reviewing individual instances of probation and decisioning them case by case… but if there’s not, there probably should be.

This certainly isn’t the first person to complain about probation or probation warnings based on DCs they’re (purportedly) not perpetrating.


They did try to implement a just system for rq, but it seems to only be a problem for both parties. I mostly just stick to shadow mode.

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There have been a lot of disconnects, because of the latest patch. Although there are still some sore loser quits “I don’t like the phrase rage quit, because it is about being a sore loser, and not rage” . Most of the quits are based on time of day. More happen during the day, than it night.

Yep that’s what I do too.

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in the last couple of days it happened to me as well. my opponent disconnects, only right a couple of seconds after the character select screen comes up. i don’t think they ragequit because it happens almost instantly, so it might be a connection problem of some sort, and i get the points like a normal win. and right now, after it happened again, i get a messege that says “you won a little too often due to opponents disconnecting. if it happens too often you will be put under surveillance” or something like that. i don’t understand why it’s me that needs to be put under watch. i technically don’t disconnect, so why could i be penalized for this? it’s not even possible that all of this is made on purpose, since ranked matches are found randomly. why should it be my fault if my opponent disconnects?

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I too had people quitting right at character select which I of course chalked up to bad connection. I mostly was running into people who I only could assume were quitting out due to the disconnect happening while I was mid combo on their second life bar. I think by far the worst was the person quitting right as I started to Ultra them. Still counted as a win but due to being in perpetual probation I was awarded no points.
The time of day doesn’t seem to be of any effect from my experience. I streamed for about 3hrs Sunday night and had the same amount of disconnect/quit outs as Yesterday during the afternoon. I get you can’t make people stay in the game. You are always going to have people that can’t take a loss and RQ. I just feel penalizing the person who wasn’t responsible for the disconnect at ranking below Killer should be reviewed and removed. As I said in my OP I can understand why it’s there due to win trading. But I feel that should only really be a concern in the Killer rank due to top 32 being granted entry to KI World Cup.

You guys know that there is a bug where the game just crashes and puts you at home screen right after the connection established - even before seeing the character select sometimes a bit later.

I had three crashes at the exact same point yesterday in about 3 hours of playing and it was counted as a loss to me.

I’m aware of that issue but that’s not what I’ve been describing. My complaint lies with people quitting out for whatever reason & the person not responsible for the disconnect becoming flagged for suspicious wins. It’s happening enough where a new player like me has trouble getting out of the probation phase due to lack of consistent wins without a disconnect.
I’ve been willing to deal with issues like this 'cause I ultimately want to get better at the game & playing against human opponents is the best practice. I can’t speak for all new players, but I imagine this issue could possibly be driving people away from trying to get into the game competitively or the game entirely.