Free Stuff Friday - Spinal Shipwreck Cove Deluxe Set

Hey all,

This week we’ve got a special Free Stuff Friday offering for you all - the Spinal Shipwreck Cove Deluxe Set from Ultimate Source, which I am sure many of you know has been sold out for some time. Yes, we’ve got a chance for you to get your hands on what is likely one of the last figures available (for now).

So what do you have to do? That’s easy!

  • Between today, May 5th, and Monday, May 8th, play Killer Instinct and earn any 1 Achievement in the game
  • Take a photo/screenshot of that Achievement and post it in the forums (in this thread)
  • Monday, May 8th at 1 pm PDT, we will randomly select one winner to receive the figure
  • This is a worldwide contest! We will ship this bad boy anywhere!
  • One entry per person
  • No other posts in this thread except for entries
  • I will be verifying the winner’s Achievement (so while you don’t have to have your Gamertag in the picture, we will be checking your profile)
  • If you have already unlocked every Achievement in the game, post proof, and you will be granted an entry based off of general principle!

If there are any questions, please feel free to PM me privately. If not, happy hunting…


Drat, looks like I chose the wrong time last week to get my Shadow ruffian achievement.

What did I just say? :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:


Apologies, I’ll stop. I know this post also violates the rule but I felt the need to apologize.


Luckily I forgot to do survival with Arbiter

Good luck guys gg to whoever manages to win this

Seems appropriate

Words cannot describe my pride in getting this achievement. My greatest achievement ever.

I never use Shago’s Ultimate until today!

Luckily I still had 3 achievements left to get. Thank you for the opportunity and Good Luck to everyone.

Do you have ANY idea how boring it is to actively grind out suicides when you just don’t die in Shadow Lords?


I unlocked 2 today. :slight_smile:

Hope I win

Even has my avatar image in the pic :sunglasses:

Already have them all


I unlocked this today. :slight_smile:

I have all the achievements. I was looking to get the date of my last one, but I am getting a message that says “we are unable to get achievements for this game right now”.

I am trying to post a pic, but until I get it to work, anyone can look at my gamer tag if you think I am not telling the truth.

I also wanted to post for the drawing before I forgot.