Free Stuff Friday - September 18th

You know, we really wish someone would make a song about just how awesome and amazing Fridays are, but until that happens, we’ll just continue to celebrate Friday by giving out free stuff.

Read the full article here: Free Stuff Friday - September 18th - Killer Instinct

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Thanks for the contest!

Makin a pooooooooooooooost.

I know this name… DISQUALIFIED!

This is a good way to get people onto the forums. I have the Ultra editions for both seasons and plan on getting the Ultra edition of the third season.


I blame Reaper! The Devil made me do it!

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Good luck everyone!

I would love this signed copy :smile:
Good luck everyone :smiley:

Winning a signed copy of Killer Instinct would be amazing!!! I hope I win! :blush::blush:

Signed copy of KI? I’m in! Here’s to me getting lucky!

Not everyone supports twitter/social media.

So I guess I only get to put my name in one hat.

Thanks for the giveaway and good luck to everyone

Thus the reasoning for two contests in separate locations.

Great Game Great Competition! fingers crossed! :smile:

I gotcha covered buddy!

I’d love to finally get my hands on a copy

And its appreciated. I was disappointed on 9/4 :frowning:

Much appreciated guys, keep up the free stuff Fridays!

Damn it! I came here to post that.

Anyway. Entering.

Game on!!!