Free KI Comunity Tweak Tool Ver1.0 Proof of concept

Woke up today to find my Teredo settings tanked.
So I launched the KI community Tweak Tool and made
this proof of concept video.

Imagine this happens to somebody with no
understanding of this issue. It may take them
days just to figure out whats wrong.

Then they have to reference the documentation
they know nothing about, try to understand, and apply the
instructions, and hopeful get it right.

With this app, what could have taken days,
maybe weeks is done in seconds.

Download Link:

Given that from what I could see your video has absolutely no audio (though it could’ve just taken a while to load), what does this actually do?

As a gamer with absolutely no sight whatsoever, I’ve recently had issues with both my PCs failing to work with party chat or invites to KI. Wondering if this tool might help.

Right now it “refreshes” the Teredo adapter.
Eventually it will assist in the various ways
of going about troubleshooting the other
possible reasons networking is not working

The current version also has some 3rd party tools
to view the current hardware configuration so
the user can check driver version, benchmark etc,
to make sure there system is up to par.

Also embedded browser to view online guides
to get better in KI. (Website by infil)

Try it, let me know if it works.
You may need to re-apply it every couple
of reboots. (Working on a permanent fix.)