Frame Data - Season 3

Please someone has the frame updated date (season 3) all the characters?

Dont think there is such a thing online atm. But you have all framedata actually ingame. Just go into training mode and enable attack data in the options and you can see the data. Some stuff is listed in the command list aswell.

If you want to have it all in one place you probably have to go ahead and write it down yourself.

Its usually a good bet to refer to @Infilament’s guide though i don’t think even he has all the frame data up. Give it some time, it’ll be up

I don’t think he has any frame data in, unless there is a chapter i overlooked.
Not a complain though, love that guide.

I think the prima guide has it, is it any good?

Yeah, no frame data on my site. It’s just soooo much work to do that.

If someone gave me a spreadsheet with all the frame data I would link it in my guide for sure. But I’m not going to create that spreadsheet, lol.

Prima guide is way out of date now, it was only for S1.

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If you want I can make the frame data spreadsheet.

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How are you going to make it? Are you going to record all the data using a 60fps capture card and manually verify every move, or are you going to copy down all the moves from training mode, or some other way?

I would only put it in my guide if I can 100% trust it’s 100% accurate, and that’s a LOT of work because the training mode frame data numbers have mistakes in them.

Capture card. In willing to put in A LOT OF TIME. Im well aware.

You should talk to bastfree (@ bastfree on twitter), he has done some mining of the data but it was for S2. He might be planning to do some for S3, so you should find that out to avoid duplicating each other’s work.

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Speaking of frame data. Where can I get the data for dashing and jumps? Because those are not present in the game.

Great suggestion.