Frame Advantage after an air combo breaker

So I want to discuss what happens when you successfully break while being juggled or held in the air. Obviously a breaker on the ground leads to essentially a reset to neutral with both characters at close to even frame advantage, but after an air breaker things get wonky. Now I know some of what happens is to ensure you can’t combo after the break, but it still leaves you in crappy position. I will outline a couple situations below.

-you get put into a juggle, let’s say from sadira, and she jumps up and his you with her target combo. You choose to break, are successful, and the result is sadira is thrown all the way across the screen as far as possible. She is also put into a soft knockdown that puts you at over +30 frame advantage (this becomes more important later). Now in some match ups this won’t matter really, but in others it is very big. For example this is great for gargos (I use him a lot so I will have examples from what I know) because he typically enjoys having sadira far away.

-same situation now but instead of breaking while sadira is in the air you wait for her to do on the ground to launch you back up. You break it and now you get put the same distance apart if you had both been on the ground only she still gets put into a soft knockdown that puts her at over -30. Keep in mind this is assuming the sadira quick rises. So now the person breaking gets enough time to dash or walk up and put her in a mix-up

-tj lands his command grab. He can either press a normal, use vortex, use tremor, or any combination of the two. No matter what he does if the opponent breaks he is put into that dreaded soft knockdown and must defend against a mix-up. (If you break tremor super early it knocks him full screen)

-gargos land his command grab and goes for a followup punch, because he is holding the opponent in the air if it’s broken he gets put into the soft knockdown

-wulf lands the running uppercut and goes for the sweep to get a hard knockdown, he is broken and instead put into essentially a knockdown setup himself. Quite the change in momentum

Now breaking in these situations are typically more difficult, but the reward seems a bit excessive to me. I wonder if they could somehow make it so the character who broke the combo goes into a flip out state, something to burn up some time before they recover. Even if they are still positive after the break it would be fine as long as its not high enough for them to be able to dash in and start their offense without risk. I also wish they didn’t separate by a full screen length, even though it looks cool on screen

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Not really sure why a blow out air breaker is a thing still. I guess perhaps they wanted to somewhat retain the S2 post break stuff in a way. If they did add a flipout after an air break I don’t see the problem with that.

This needs more attention.

The idea was being broken and setting to neutral was punishment enough for the attacker.

But when I play Tusk and someone breaks ground impale I have to deal with oki just for trying to get a 4% damage :frowning:

Yea, I originally used to think tusk should always do this when his opponent is in the corner because the damage is given whether you break or not and it’s really hard to get out from the corner against him.

But the shift in who is on the offensive is so much I get why people rarely do it