Found KI on the PC Store

sadly it says “Coming Soon”

Well at least now we know it’ll be 20gb.

You can play it on your Windows 10 Phone!?

most unlikely. Pc version available for windows 10.

It says it will be available on Windows Phone 10 on that page though.

Apparently the new Windows 10 phones can function as desktop PCs if you plug a monitor and a keyboard into them, which is kinda odd. Also from a brief glance at the cross-platform API that Microsoft put out that’s making these cross-play/buy games like KI and Fable Legends possible (that I can’t remember the name of right now) I got the sense that it might do a lot of the legwork for making the game work on a phone. But don’t quote me on that. (Also it’s a strange thing for me to picture them doing QA for.)

I don’t see how a phone will have enough horse power to hold the game and play it.

Your link works, but how do you actually get to that page? I cannot find it under PC games or Windows games.

My friend was playing KI on his Xbox and I pressed join game on the Xbox app and it took me here.