Found a troll in Exhibition

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Me: GGs but respect is a two way street. The reason I didn’t stick around was because you showed disrespect in our fight. You’ll find many people will do that.

Him: You’re too sensitive.

Me: I’ve been in the KI community for a long time. It’s clear to me you’re new based on your in-game rank so let me tell you something. Fighting games are not like shooters. In shooters it’s fun to bag people but in FGs its way more personal.

Me (again): I don’t really care if I get bagged but just keep my last message in mind while you continue to play KI. Have a good one.

Him: LOL you are one of those kids that takes gaming way too seriously LOL so I beat you once SMH I’ve played way better players than you.

Me: Calling someone a kid really doesn’t support your argument. I wished you a good game and recommended that you show respect to your fellow players. That makes me a kid who takes gaming too seriously? What warranted the disrespect?

Him: no argument man LOL just go away you are annoying.

This guy is a serious T-bagger with an attitude problem. The reason I’m making this thread is because I want to know: should players like this one be reported? All I did was wish him a good game and recommend he be more respectful.

How would you handle someone like this? Also, am I in the wrong for recommending he be more respectful? Did I start an unnecessary fight?

PS. I beat him in the second game if that makes anyone feel better.

EDIT: Sorry about the sideways pictures. Will fix them when I get the chance.


Not really much you can do. Some People are like this, and there is nothing we can do. It’s sad, yes, but he doesn’t understand. Just have to dust your shoulders and keep on moving.

I don’t know what to think with regards to reporting players like this. Whilst I understand why you’d want to, it seemsto be a generally large scale thing that won’t be stamped out just by reporting alone. Besides, what would you report them for? (only asking as I can’t think of what grounds they’d think reasonable to ban players like this).

Also, thanks very much for writing the messages out, helps the post no end.

Situations like this is why I have my messages set to friends only.

This kind of thing is usually best decided upon on a case by case basis. Regarding this particularl case however, I wouldn’t report him unless he’s actively abusing you in some way that violates the Xbox Live Code of Conduct, like calling you names and such. If you choose to do so, however, the poor sportsmanship category under the report function would probably be the best way to go. He’s probably just trying to call you out as a kid in order to armor himself up from being 1 (or acting like 1) himself. :wink:

I wouldn’t report him, but if they call you a pusssssyy or FU, any curisng…I report them. I was suspended once for 4 weeks because i did that exact thing, cursed someone out to hell and back…I learned my lesson and I think they should too.

If they TB too much I choose Unsportsmanlike conduct if Im pissed off enough

He was in the wrong if he was teabagging but there is no point in messaging somebody like that IMO. It was great you wished him GG but when you encounter somebody who teabaggs, telling them to show respect is probably about as productive as trying to have a conversation with your toaster. I think you did a good thing by trying to offer some advice but I have found a lot of the time its a waste of time.

Though the other day my Smoke got mopped by a Qaun Chi in MKX like 10 times in a row before I finally won, and we kept playing and it was pretty close, and I could hear him talking in his mic but couldn’t understand him, I just knew it didn’t sound good lol So once I finally decided to call it a night I decided to message him “Thanks for the games dude” anyway since I think it helped me get better, and he messaged back " Sure, no problem fam, good games!"

So I guess you never know lol I typically don’t waste my time on baggers though.

Tea bagging is common in any game that has a crouch function. In this instance it kind of seems more like you’re trolling him by starting the conversation imo.

I don’t taunt personally because I totally get the argument, but in the online world you just have to move on. If youre that upset about it then your opponent has already got into your head. Season 3 has Rash thrust taunts, are you going to report people for spamming that as well?

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I said in the message that I don’t care about being T-bagged, I just told him that others might.

That’s cool but I just feel like starting that conversation in the first place was asking for his kind of response. In online gaming there is going to be tea bagging like it or not. Unless Microsoft puts a new rule in effect that tea bagging is now ban worthy, they’re just playing the game.

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LOL Can you imagine the hate Rash will get? Salt Thrusts! Must main Rash for flexing and Salt Thrusts.


It never fails to amuse me how easy it is to upset certain people! All I’d have to do is stand over you and press one button and your mood is £U€K#D.

This entire dilemma is funny to me; You’re asking whether you should report someone for standing over you and pressing down!

In one of your messages you claim to not mind getting “bagged”…right after you quit the match and felt passionate enough to send them a message and later brought the issue to the forum, calling them a “troll” in the thread title, and asking whether you should report them…

…I have to agree with them - you’re being too sensitive.

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Did I say I was upset? No. If you insist on trolling please take it somewhere else.

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No a game is a game reporting for important things that would actually affect you, like hacking or cheating, or extreme racism. Just cause some one is a douce online doesn’t mean they need to be reported.

I said in the OP that I didn’t care about being bagged and thats not why I would consider reporting him. I was asking if his confrontational nature was against XBL code…


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No, of course not! Besides, if Rash does his thrust taunt, that simply means that he likes you. :heart:

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[quote=“RGLOfficial, post:13, topic:5701, full:true”]
Did I say I was upset? No. [/quote]
You don’t have to say you’re upset for others to think something is upsetting you. As I said in my OP:

In one of your messages you claim to not mind getting “bagged”…right after you quit the match (I will add here: because they “disrespected” you) and felt passionate enough to send them a message and later brought the issue to the forum, calling them a “troll” in the thread title, and asking whether you should report them…

[quote=“RGLOfficial, post:13, topic:5701, full:true”]
If you insist on trolling please take it somewhere else. [/quote]

And now I’m a troll too? Huh…what was that last thing I said?

…I have to agree with them - you’re being too sensitive.

Technically, you confronted them. Even every response from this person shown above was more dismissive of you than confrontational.

:scream: Are you upset?
Down, down, down.

(:smile: Hey, you’re right - the underside of this bridge is totally my new man cave!)

Firstly, I would like to make it clear that I almost ALWAYS send people a GG message after a match. It’s what I do. If a player was being disrespecful, I ask why. Because I want to know if there’s something I did in the match to deserve it.

Secondly, yeah, if a player is being disrespectful I will leave after the match is done. A lot of people will do that. Not just me.

Thirdly, you can’t see why I think you’re a troll? Really? The first thing you did when you walked into this thread was laugh at the situation and call my question hilarious.

And you say the guy was being passive? Does “LOL you are one of those kids that takes gaming way too seriously LOL so I beat you once SMH I’ve played way better players than you.” Sound passive? I was extremely polite to him and he shot back at me with this. That to me, was aggresive and uncalled for.

If you’re not gonna give constructive feedback then of course I’m gonna think you’re a troll. And I don’t throw that word around lightly. Because I know what being a troll entails.

This is my last reply to you. This conversation is going to derail the thread.

I’m not sure why you excluded this odd, yet, crucial detail from your OP and made no mention of it in your responses particularly to me and several others who noted you sending this person a message in the first place, but if there was a “suspicious face cocked-eyebrow” emoji, I would definitely be using it here…

I wasn’t claiming it was “just you”. I was, however, pointing out that this is contrary to you “not caring” about being bagged; If teabagging didn’t bother you, you probably wouldn’t leave a match after your opponent does it to you.

(:expressionless: At least, I wasn’t laughing at you.)

This is because I find players teabagging each other hilarious and harmless (in theory).

So when I read the title and this part:

Keepin’ it real: I viewed you as an atypical taunt victim and your dilemma mainly as a petty personal gripe that you needed to get over on your own by learning to not take these things so personally. (I still do but for slightly-altered reasons now.)

I never claimed that they were “passive” or “respectful” - I said they seemed “dismissive”, particularly noted in their last reply to you.

I felt all of their responses amounted to “buzz off”. (Although, more on the nuances of that in the last few paragraphs).

And that’s what I initially took issue with. Due to the initial misunderstanding of your intentions, I first saw you as overly-sensitive - which made the way you seem to throw around the word “troll” seem petty. Again, I do still think you’re “too sensitive”, but now, I think I’m starting to see the problem here:

THEORY: This was all one big misunderstanding.

I’ll be doing a huge amount of projecting here, but: They likely find teabagging funny for the same reasons I do. But because of this peculiar trait you have of messaging every random stranger after playing matches with them (>insert “suspicious face cocked-eyebrow” emoji< something I’m still skeptical about given how abruptly it’s brought up), not knowing you, this person probably viewed your message…

…exactly the way I initially viewed it: a typical passive-aggressive browbeating from someone who needs to learn to “just deal with it”. Hence, their reply:

Him: You’re too sensitive.

And it was all downhill from there.

Your next response:

Me, personally? I viewed this as patronizing due to the emboldened. It’s difficult to imagine someone I just beat and teabagged thereafter sending me a message just to say, “Hey, GG. O and btw, stop putting your pixels in peoples’ faces” without any undertones of salt - especially after you ended the match because of “disrespect”.

They replied to the previous message exactly as I’d expect some would: by getting >defensive<…

Him: LOL you are one of those kids that takes gaming way too seriously LOL so I beat you once SMH I’ve played way better players than you.

I don’t think it’s over-analyzing to note the type of shots taken in the reply. I hate when people respond to things that make them mad by essentially swinging their dicks (‘dicks’ isn’t censored? Okay, Ultra Combo Forums - if you say so! :smile:), but I believe this was a little bit more than that - not necessarily “justified” but “rational”. They didn’t just randomly call you “over-sensative” and “inexperienced”, it was in reaction to what they would perceive as you trying to lecture them about game-etiquette and holding the merits of your own experience above theirs (whether or not this is applicable).

Their last response epitomizes why I saw them as dismissive…

Him: no argument man LOL just go away you are annoying.

…and it’s not simply because they do outright dismiss you here - remember, you contacted them and the better part of your first message was a complaint/warning. All of their replies thus far were deflections to something you said.

Basically: What you saw as trying to be “polite” they saw as you being “petty” and “patronizing”.

It all actually seems a bit funnier when you look at the context of each insult -

You message them to tell them you’re bothered by teabagging > Since they likely see little wrong with it, they respond defensively by calling you “too sensitive” > you respond essentially calling their experience into question > they respond defensively by undermining your experience > you seem as though you’re playing the victim > they (seeing you as the one who started the back-and-forth over something they probably perceive as “petty”) respond by essentially waving you away in annoyance!

But that’s all mainly just conjecture based on my projected understanding of scrub mentality…


I’ll break my own rule here because THAT’s the kind of reply I was looking for. I don’t mind being bitchslapped by logic every now and then. There are plenty of things you said that I don’t agree with but I just don’t feel like arguing. Once again though, in closing, I totally wrecked him for the next two matches, then I left.

I generally don’t report a person for bagging or even taunting. It’s stupid, but they aren’t breaking the game. I will report somebody for lag switching. I record the match and send it to IG for review.

In the past, I used to BLOCK people who do excessive tea bags and taunts. HOWEVER, the powers that be stopped that. I wish I could still block people with laggy networks and bad dispositions. :frowning: