Fought against my evil doppelganger last night

All of my tech, stolen! Every single setup, every single mixup, even the timing of the ultra ender! Never seen anything like it! I also noticed that this player has me blocked ( you can always tell by attempting to add someone as a friend and the task will say it cannot be completed, you also see no profile info)! Lol. No question this dude has been meticulously viewing my showcase and highlights.

Some stuff I haven’t showcased yet, and so he didn’t know about it. I went 3-2 against him, and used some deep in the bag tech to pull out the last rd. This guy appeared to get real salty about it and left the lobby. It took me four rounds to realize that this was a clone match. 100%. This is the strangest experience I’ve ever had in an online game. I feel somewhat complemented, but on the other hand violated. I played this person about 3 weeks ago and they did reply to a “gg” message etc, as I recall (his TJ was really solid back then too, but it was HIS TJ then and not mine). Now, it’s like identity fraud. I’m surprised he didn’t try and use the same outfit/colors and replicate my gamertag. I have a feeling that he is going to be ducking me going forward, now that he’s been revealed and did not beat me. Like he failed in avenging the death of his brother out of an old KungFu flick (after training with my old master in the remote mountains) and will now commit suicide. He probably has a poster of my gt with a big red x on it on his bathroom mirror. Creepy stuff.

Anyone else ever go through anything like this?

Lol are you high? X’D


Um, no, since tech isn’t exclusive to any one person, nor trademarked per person, y’know?

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