Forum Bounties Game

I noticed some rivalries and some salt every know and then. This is a place to place a bounty on someone. Everyone starts off with 100 bounty tokens. You can place any amount of bounty tokens on someone. In order to get the bounty tokens,you must do one of a few things. Record a video of the match(prefered method),take a screenshot of the victory screen,or have the bounty host watch the match and comment here to reedem and get the tokens. The host can also decide which of these methods they want and only accept it.The host then gives those tokens to the successful bounty hunter. The bounty host can request a BO3 or anything and the rewards can be anything. Do you want to see some high level play? Request for a high level player to be taken down. Then watch the high level gameplay between those two players. Mad and salty against someone? Place a bounty. The possibilites are endless. You can even place a bounty on yourself if you want someone to beat you.
I will start with a bounty on myself for 20 tokens.
List and token left
Sasuke 99I-100 Tokens
Fwufikins-99 Tokens

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I’ll put a ONE token bounty on myself, just to mess up the accounting for tokens. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )