Forum Appreciation

I feel that one of the things KI has in its favor compared to other fighting games is that we have an official forum. It’s so nice. You don’t have the character limits of twitter. The threads last. People think out what they say and you have some really well thought out posts. That doesn’t really exist in discord or whatever. Wish other fighting games had one.


Agreed…Ive never seen anything like this forum for other games. hte MKX forum was convoluted adn ppl were not friendly at all to new comers anyway. Same with Dark Souls, the Surge, ect…

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Pretty much. I can say pretty definitely that the forum helped me improve immensely in the game and in fighters in general. The format let me grow and understand KI at my own pace, and gave me a lot of different frameworks with which to examine the game and my gameplan.

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I remember a plan to have posts before the forum overhaul available as archived posts/read-only. I am glad that never happened :sweat_smile: the nonsense I used to spew out before was crazy lol haha

Lol. Really? What kinda stuff did you used to say? :joy:

For me, I just remember being extremely angry about them needing Sadira from S1 to S2. I did all my complaining on Gamefaqs though, and by the time I found KIUF I was pretty much over it b/c she was still really friggin good. :-p

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I might have been pretty sarcastic in my commentary of S2 trailers, Omen, etc… (sarcasm, something British and Dutch people have in common… off, off topic lol). I can laugh in hindsight but usually doesn’t come across well when repeated :smile:


Lol. Fair enough :joy:

If I had to change anything about this forum. It would be nothing. Compared to all the other forums (Mortal Kombat X forums for example), this one is clean, user friendly and easy to get into, the same with Killer Instinct.

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Not really with all the smurfs in qualifer exhibition

Sounds like it’s you that needs more practice, not the players that beat you, smurf or no smurf.

Let’s focus on the topic at hand.

When a developer makes a matchmaking system, it should do its job at all times. For it not to do so is false advertising and we might as well as go back to the era of Quake and UT.

Therefore nothing to be appreciative about until they fix this issue in all games.

Don’t be in qualifiers exhibition then. Go to bronze or silver.

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Why, because you don’t like to lose? Unlike you I don’t have these problems you talk about. Just saying.

IDK, I hear the moderators are real jerks around here.


I’ve seen far worse over the years, it’s the reason I only go to this forum nowadays (though I guess Steam forums count too, though I only go there for help on game bugs).

Only flaw I see with this place is that sometimes there is just a dry period where nothing is being discussed. As someone who primarily goes to forums for keeping up with current events, that always bugs me. But it’s generally calm compared to other places, which is nice.