Forced to requalify everytime

On the Windows 10 version, when I go to play ranked I am forced to qualify every time. Basically every time I close the game and reopen it, no matter how many times I “qualify” it forces me to do it again.

Resetting my PC doesn’t help either. It is like it isn’t able to save my progress…

Do you complete the 10 qualification matches and get placed in a tier?

Yep, then I can play at the rank for as long as I want, but if I close the game and reload it I have to requalify. It even shows the rank I obtained when I play, but as soon as I go to ranked match and it syncs with the ranking server it makes me requalify.

I have the very same issue, I qualified into Silver and I rebooted the game and I’m back to my 10 qualifying matches, I’ve probably played like 50 games qualifiers now and every time I close the game and open it back up against I’m at 10 qualifying matches. It’s really frustrating because I love this game and I’ve just gotten really into it again with Glacius but I can’t actually play the game when my progress resets every single time I turn the game off.

I have the same problem as well but it is even worst than that now. I had to requalify twice, then I played on my xbox for a while and ranked up. Went back to the Windows 10 version and my rank had dropped back down. Something is not right with the cross play.

Well its good to see that I am not the only one with this problem.

I found a solution that worked for me.

In windows press windowskey+r to open your run windows, after that you type serivces.msc and in that window you look for something called “Connected User Experience and Telemetry” once finding that double click it and turn it onto “Automatic” mine was disabled, once I switched it to auto my progress was saved.

Well that makes sense. Here is why I had that disabled:

I guess I will have to let MS spy on me :sob:

Thanks, this fixed the issues I’ve been having. Typical Microsoft.

I tried enabling the Connected User Experience and Telemetry and I’m still not able to keep my ladder progress saved. I don’t know what else the problem could be.

I assume you’ve rebooted your computer after putting it on automatic? Also make sure you windows firewall is enabled otherwise it can ■■■■■ up a lot with the game, if I turn my windows firewall off I can’t find ranked matches and things like that. If none of these options work for you then I have no idea. Are you able to unlock achivements when playing on PC? I made the connection that my KI doesn’t unlock achivements on PC so I theorized that it might be related to the progress not being saved, so I found a solution to the achivement issue which as I thought would fix the ranked progression.

I restarted and I’m gonna try testing it out now. I just went through the 10 qualifier matches so hopefully my progress is saved.

My firewall is enabled and it’s allowing KI send and receive data through it. I haven’t noticed any achievements pop up in awhile but I don’t have the Xbox app open at the moment. What was the fix that you found for the achievement bug? I might give that a shot too as it can’t hurt at this point.

Unfortunately after restarting the PC with the changed settings, it didn’t fix the issue of not being able to save ladder rankings. Bummer too as I qualified into Gold this time.

Same issue :frowning: could not find a fix

I talked to @rukizzel on twitter a couple of days back and he says it might be an issue with privacy settings. I’m waiting on a response from him to test it out :slight_smile:

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I’ve disabled an abundance of Windows 10 “features”. Can we get word on if this really is the issue? And which one in particular. Then it would be great if you patched your game so I can play it properly without having Microsoft spy on me.

Unfortunately I never received a notification from @rukizzel yesterday. I retweeted him today so hopefully he gets back to me.

When can we get a fix for this? Like many others I don’t have the problem fixed by enabling the telemetry settings.

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