Forced Combo-Assist

So I get why it’s forced, I really do. I know that jumping from character to character isn’t the easiest thing, so making it easier makes sense. But from someone who’s been playing for over 2 years, it kind of bugs me that I can’t do certain things (like Jago’s around-the-world). All I’m saying is it would be nice for a toggle option. On for people just looking to enjoy the experience, off for those of us who don’t want it. Sorry if this is already a topic


…I don’t know how to answer this without sounding condescending.

Is there an option somewhere that I missed in a moment of absolute stupidity?

After I think the second day in your first try you given the option to toggle it

Once the game tells you simple “from here out, you’re on your own,” then you can access the option to turn off the combo assist. Took me a while to find it, but after a certain point, I saw it appear in the control mapping menu.

Ohhh okay, gotcha. I feel a little less stupid now. Thanks folks

Yeah, and once you get to that point where it tells you you’re on your own, you never have to touch CAM again. But yeah, we totally understand.
Honestly switching the controls back to default threw me off, as I play with mediums & heavies on the face buttons and lights on the Rs, but it is a temporary inconvenience.

You can still do that with combo assist on. Just hold back while you are pressing the buttons and it will keep you from preforming an auto linker. This works with every character. As far as I know, the game does not tell you this, but hopefully that information will be added later.

I only know this because @DoobyDude23 shared this information on the “Any benefits to turning off combo assist?” thread. (Thank you by the way.)

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I understand having CAM turned on at the start.
I think it should be done like Aim Invert in a shooter tutorial. I.E. “Here’s CAM, here’s Manual. What you want?”

I agree with this100%. I would like the option of turning this on or off before starting the mode. Let the experienced players dig right in where they feel comfortable.

Thats how I always played my Street Fighter games!

Dont know why I never changed it on KI…

I have to agree with you, I was playing with my buds sitting behind me and when it said in that cool little font “Combo Assist Enabled”, I turned to them. Made an ugly face and screeched 'TRIGGERED". Combo Assist is the bane of my existence. In my opinion, I found myself pondering the idea of it only being enabled if you play the lowest difficulty. This Encourages players who don’t want it on to play on the higher difficulties, as well as somewhat fix the problem. The other easyt solution is to add an option at the point it tells you Combo Assist is enabled.