For those of you who are against these PARTICULAR guest characters

What are your own personal reasons for not having and at the same time why are you against these PARTICULAR guest characters in Killer Instinct?

In summary: Best Xbox One Game of 2015 :wink: :smile: :grin:
In summary: New possible potential dual-assist type characters in AND for Killer Instinct :wink:
Side-note: Their Instinct Mode: The Great Cornholio
"I am The Great Cornholio!"
“I am Cornholio!”
(I just had to) :laughing: :joy:

Honestly, I would be okay with Ori, I don’t want here, but I wouldn’t pitch a fit if she made it in.

But, B&B is just out of the question. I can’t believe our “Put Goku in Smash” equivalent is Beavis and Butt Head!

Ori would be fine.

But just no to B&B. First of all getting the rights to use them in KI would be too much of a hassle for the devs from a realistic standpoint, Secondly , they don’t fit the overall aesthetic for KI. B&B was never one of my favorite shows in the first place and I can’t see a comedy origin character being a fit for KI is my final reason.