For those awaiting the embargo lift of the xb/w10 for KI news

By what Phil says it looks like we will not be getting much info about KI today aside from the Arbiter stream. I am hoping during the stream we get more info about S3 such as release date, price and maybe how many characters we are getting but as the day goes by we will find out just thought i’d share.

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Aww, so no Tusk? D:

Well if it’s stuff we already know, that will be very heartbreaking for many people, until the Arbiter stream.

Rukari said that he’s got a lot of stuff to prepare for before 6am pst. So I doubt it’s going to be a negligible amount of information.

Disregard this post as in another topic a CM pretty much hinted we should be getting more info today and before stream Phils tweet just meant E3 type announcements so keep your hype levels at maximum!

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“huge announces” in this case is relative. For instance, we have a lot to look forward to. He’s saying that people may be thinking warning complete made up scenario “Xbox 2Hunnid Coming in 2017 with blah blah blah” ya know?

Like announcements on par with E3 “bombs.” All he’s doing is saying that is not the case.

His post from the other topic for reference.

So… Which one is it? Alot of cool news or no news other than Arbiter? D:

I can’t say ALOT of cool news but we should indeed be getting some good news. I am expecting release date, pricing and hopefully how many characters in S3’s roster. We are going to have to be patient though and see what comes out but I am confident the news will definitely be pleasant.

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I hoping to see pricing, release date and relative context of what’s coming this season. What the trade off is for the 3 stages cause that’s a concern. Maybe amount of characters.
It doesn’t have to be a massive info drop, it does need to be to the point now. It’s March and we know nothing about what coming and when for the most part

Also understood it as we would get a big amount of info today. But I must admit that if it’s “just” the Arbiter stream we’re probably not gonna get much info besides Arbiter walkthrough.

They don’t have a history of telling anything on stream… a few minor things have been told, but nothing real.

In general I’ve learned myself to keep my hype down around these things, because it’s often blown up to be more news than what we’re actually gonna get…

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Yeah the hypes been building, it’s best to manage expectations cause we’ve all been here before

Lots of KI news would still not count as “huge announces” for Xbox as a whole.

It will be what it will be. Ignore your expectations, but hope for them.
I can’t think of anything they could realistically say that would disappoint me at this point.

I’m just hoping the oasis I think I see is not a mirage.

Cool news for KI. Just no new Xbox revelations, new game announcements etc. we are good. Carry on as before.