For the devs

A thought I had today, I know I’ve been harsh about some aspects of the new KI, even with details as “green smoke on the select screen”. I might have felt “entitled” to tell those kind of things just because I studied design or as a hardcore gamer or whatever I believed in my mind…Nevermind.

The truth is that after 20 years I didn’t mind if KI showed up as an RPG game I would have played it anyway (despite how much I don’t like RPGs). But the reality is that the game is back and IS a fighting game. Due to this I’m back to the fighting world and learned and relearned A LOT of new things along with the innate knowledge I gain as a child at the arcades or the Dreamcast. I’m truly amazed that the game is back, even though I find hard time understanding the new mechanincs or gameplay. I used to win most of my matches during the old days and now my winrate is lower, it gets frustrating…But I can’t give up on KI. I enjoy watching the players, I enjoy reading the forums when I get the chance. And since my frustration or limitations with the game outshine the happyness to see it back and even trying to constantly adapt, I’ll keep on trying but I have the need to tell you devs, who put your work and effort and even passion to make this game: THANK YOU for your hard work.
That’s what I needed to say.

Cheers form a player and Game artist from Argentina

PS: I went to GDC and I highly regret I coudln’t find a developer to play a match and say these words in person u.u But I had some nice matches against many people in the Xbox Booth. I ended up unbeaten n.n